Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for the April 2020

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for April 2020

Sagittarius Horoscope in April will be worrying about the Pandemic. The most important thing: work, money, love, health. Your lucky numbers for April: 3-4-7-8-11-12-20-21-22-30.

Love will go regularly. Controversies will arise in your way of thinking and seeing spirituality, which is so important to you, which will have repercussions in the demonstrations of affection and destabilize your emotional stability. In the last week of the month, the thing is arranged between you, you will lower the swords and you will decide, that it is not worth the trouble. It is better to have fun even if it is indoors. If you are single, you will have it bad if you are still confined at home. You have left the mobile, the RRSS and the video calls.sagittarius monthly horoscope april 2020

In health, you will be fine. But with the pandemic problem, you could become obsessed with hygiene and food. You are going to choose very well your food, the way of treating them and you will become a vegetarian. Healthy diets. You will find a way to stay in shape, even if you are locked up at home.

A period of four weeks about what is not to cast out despite bad news on arrival and that is the opposition of the planet Venus on April 4.

Although Venus will no longer be favorable, Mars in sextile still allows being fascinating and very effective in the courtship phases although it is possible to defeat little sweetness and sentimentality.

If your love story is in crisis for a long time, be very attentive but to this new step of the planet of love because under this sky you may be particularly unhappy and you may have to fight against a very aggressive partner or in any case not very happy about the relationship with you.

Perhaps his demands are already on the rise or you are not paying attention to what he asks and lo and behold, a phase of crisis could open up and ruin everything. If you are thinking of a person who attracts you very much, then you wait for April 12 before proceeding with the courtship because from this date it will be possible to have allied as well as Mercury that favors dialogue, therefore communication with the people you meet.

Work and Money
Wonderful period for you at work. Meanwhile, Mercury carries good news, agreements, contracts, collaborations and the possibility of finding a good job for which something new is looking, but the positivity of this period does not end with Mercury in trigon in the sky, Mars also influences the work and It allows having to exploit many energies to work long hours without hearing too much physical exhaustion.

During this period young people can be very lucky and also carry out an interesting project thanks to the support of a friend or colleague, in any case of a very important person who can open the doors of success.

It is not necessary to forget the position of Jupiter in the sky that is in your second astrological house and offers the possibility of being particularly effective in rents.

Many of you will be able to make good incomes or invest a sum of money for the future and realize a dream of how to buy a new house or an instrument for work. In short, April is a very productive month that you don’t need to spend without doing anything. You have to act and do not stand firm to wait.

Economically you will continue to do well. You have very good intuition, for investments and business. If you come up with original ideas, do not hesitate to analyze them and carry them out, because you will be successful and you will earn money for it. The money continues to enter with joy. Since you will have more time, because you cannot go outside, you will study ways to make money from home, online.

The physical form is excellent but also on a mental level you are very strong because Mercury from April 12 returns to this very favorable environment. Lo and behold, the new ideas that come to your head are particularly effective and can bring economic luck considering Jupiter in transit right in the house of acquisitions and rents.

Well, it is necessary to exploit this positive period to progress in each sector of your life and if you have a sum of money to use to make a trip out, you go to another city with the person you love and try to relax.

Many cosmic energies are at your hip and allow you to be particularly attentive to the healing of your body. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and being in the second house astrology could increase your weight because the same appetite will increase but you have to try to have everything under control and eat very healthy. This heaven contributes to solving or in any case finding a valid solution for a legal or bureaucratic problem.

Family and Friends
In social life, you will feel a little frustrated, because you will want to socialize, go for a run, travel (but you can organize one, by the time the quarantine ends? And due to the pandemic, you will not be able to do it. video conferences with family and friends. You can exercise at home.

Your family will continue to be the center of your life, especially if you are still confined at home. Talks, daily exercise, cooking, and joint work will make your time at home completely busy. You could argue, as we have seen in the love section, but ultimately you will have to be well together yes or yes. Be careful with food, you could get fat from eating so much and not moving much. Find healthy diets that allow you to eat well without gaining weight.

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