Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope November 2020

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope November 2020

If it were the case, you could be busier in an isolated activity or that requires a certain time of retirement, such as. visits or stays in secluded places, hospitals, aid, or engaging in research, meditation, etc.

It is possible that if a project is planned to be carried out during these dates, for some reason it will have to be postponed or postponed for later. Another factor could be that the vitality or emotionality is not in the best moment, for this reason, it could be the case of needing some rest or medical care, or having a cold or some sick leave for a few days.

Sometimes these circumstances could cause a more meditative and contemplative or reflective attitude to be adopted than active. Dreaming could also be something more frequent than usual, as well as the need for a few more hours to rest. These dates could be more appropriate to be connected with solidarity or charitable causes, or that they derive from them to acquire greater awareness of social needs through a more collective and supportive point of view than selective and personal, being able to tune in more with problems or external causes.

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This November for Sagittarius will be changeable. The most important thing will be health, profession, and money. The lucky numbers for November: 7-8-12-14-16-25-26-30.

If you are in a relationship or married, it will be a tough month. There will be tensions between you because the problems that will arise produce divergences, the disparity of opinions, and anger. You will argue about work and money. If you are single, the 2nd fortnight will be much better than the first. You will meet someone as spiritual as you in one of the spiritual therapies or talks or seminars you attend.

Social Life
Friends and fun will be limited to your inner circle of friends. You will do many meetings with friends, lunches, dinners because you will want to have a good time and exchange ideas

This November, you will progress in your work. Your work rate will increase and so will your clients. You will do much better and this will make you feel alive and happy. You want to work hard and get back to normal.

Money and Luck
You will be very well off money, it will be a good time to save because this November you will earn more money than usual and you will be able to do things that you had pending and give yourself certain whims. Money and spirituality go hand in hand. the more you immerse yourself in spirituality, the better you will do. If you want to invest in something, do it and let yourself be carried away by intuition, because you will have it very good. [maxbutton id=”9″ ]

Family and Friends
Your relationship will be good, although poor. Which does not mean that you have worried. Your wife/husband will have financial problems and you will have to help them. More family members will have the same problem and money will be the main topic of all meetings. If you have any pending lawsuits, they will rule in your favor.

Health will be good except one week before the lunar eclipse on the 30th and one week after. Try to slow down during the day during that fortnight. It’s a good time to get in shape, hit rock bottom, and go for a run. Outdoor sport suits you very well. You will have dreams loaded with information. Write down what you have dreamed of right away before you forget it.

November will be a good month for you if you are a student. Despite the change in the curriculum and the instability that this creates, you will be able to adapt and study well. If you are an adult you will want to read about spiritual and religious topics. Do it, because you need it. You will feel good about these issues and you will understand better the evolution, that you are suffering.