Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

This month of October for Sagittarius will be changing following your criteria and will. The most important thing will be health, social life, love, profession. The lucky numbers for October will be 1-2-4-5-11-12-19-20-21-28-29-30. The future is extremely interesting and attractive, like a magnet. Also, it is very difficult to characterize our attitude to him unequivocally: then we try to find out about him, then we are afraid of any information about him. However, more often we show interest than a denial that is why horoscopes are the most popular among them, the language that the stars speak to us about the future. A variety of horoscopes on love, finances, money, family, health in October 2020 for Sagittarius, read below.

October will be an ungrateful month for Sagittarius, a month of successive depressions, of isolation, of feeling trapped anywhere, exiled from the world, haunted by ghosts from the past that they would have wanted to destroy for a long time. And it is that the transit of Mercury and Venus through its House XII will be fatal, although the last week of October the affective problems will be solved happily, and Sagittarius will believe that they are coming out of a dark and very long tunnel of sadness and loneliness. At the same time, in the profession, they will ascend a couple of steps, so it will be better to put the best of themselves at work and let the sentimental bad drink pass.sagittarius monthly horoscope of october 2020

No hurry. This will have to be his conduct during the first two weeks of October. Afterward, nothing will hinder your progress. In the workplace, you will have the strong support of Virgo to help you rethink your accounts. With Libra, you will be in excellent condition to launch your projects. Cancer and Aquarius will offer you the best conditions to live idylls without surprises. Instead, some concerns will haunt the romantic ties with another Sagittarius and with Capricorn. While your friendship with Leo will be at its best; the same will not happen with Taurus. Scorpio, meanwhile, will distance himself from you for a while.

Sagittarius Astrology October 2020
Sagittarius is a restless soul and a mysterious iceberg, of which only the tip, its interests, is seen. Few know the submerged part. Cheerful, honest, and open, he is optimistic and reassuring. Saturn in Sagittarius is beginning to make itself felt and therefore is in a kind of general slowdown. Jupiter in Virgo also slows down and creates doubts. Your usual good humor will be conspicuous by its absence. However, Mercury in Libra will make you gain ground, especially on a professional level. It will be full of innovative ideas that can turn your presentation into something more interesting. Serene, intelligent, and sociable, despite everything, you will not be able to underestimate the strength of Mars in Virgo, which will make you nervous and aggressive. The correct attitude should be that of the concentrated, dedicated, humble, and serious person, attentive to distractions, and seeking balance. Even more so, having Neptune in Pisces, which can cause recklessness and carelessness.

Sagittarius Predictions October 2020
Sagittarians will not be comfortable with planetary influences this month. It will be difficult for them to cope with a period in which they will be far from being able to express their good humor and enthusiasm. Receding Mercury will make it difficult for you to communicate with your friends. Anyway, Venus will favor them for seven days in which the students of the sign will demonstrate their ability. The same will happen to teachers and intellectuals. However, from the second week on, annoying will take hold of them in the professional field.

If you are in a couple or married, it will be a quiet month in terms of demonstrations of love, but you will continue with your routine. From the 2nd fortnight, you will have some fights and confrontations, due to your different way of thinking. You will enjoy going out with friends and doing social life. You will open the doors of your house, for all kinds of meetings. If you are single, you will have many opportunities to meet someone interesting and attractive, with whom you could start a new romantic relationship.

Turbulence in love and affective life, something that does not hurt him, since monotony will always be his worst enemy. You can take advantage of Uranus in Aries and Venus in Leo to renew the complicity that pleasantly cheers you up. Then, however, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus in Virgo signal some conflict or unforeseen events. Perhaps, between a caress and a scratch, between a smile and a door closing, between a declaration of war and a peace offering, the relationship will continue and withstand eventual shocks.

The first part of October will test your ability to wait. Cancer will be invaded by doubts and will not immediately accept your proposals. A series of misunderstandings will distance Sagittarius natives from the people they love. It will be essential that they regain their serenity to save the romance. As of the last week of October, your attitude towards love will change positively. Take advantage of the help of your friends, who will serve as a link to bring you closer to the Aquarius. A lot will be the effort that you will have to invest to maintain the link that binds you to Pisces.

The Centaurs will begin the month of October with the favors of Venus. There will be those who initiate warm romances during a trip abroad while others will initiate it in their own country, but will choose a foreigner as the object of their love. Sagittarians who are in a relationship will have the opportunity to consolidate the bond as long as they take advantage of the first week of the period to increase their romantic encounters. Then Venus will settle into a square and harmony could disappear from many of the links.

Disconnected from people, afraid of surrender, unwilling to speak, or physically approach anyone, they will go through a difficult October. They will be the object of jealousy. If they are dominated by mutual distrust, they will end up in a hell of reproaches from which it will not be easy for them to get out. Extremism in the negative will be the other side of the excessive euphoria with which moments of well-being usually accompany. Starting on the 7th, with Venus entering Sagittarius, the struggle between light and darkness will come to an end and the sweet, communicative, attentive, and tender will loosen their resistance and surrender to Cupid.

Social Life
Friends and fun will be very active. It will be a month in which you will do all kinds of activities with your friends, you will organize dinners, outings, getaways … You will feel happy and satisfied to have the friends you have.

This October, you will progress in your work. Your good reputation precedes you and this will favor the advancement of your businesses or projects. Keep it up, you’re doing fine. This month you will have the power to change everything that you think is not working well. You will not find resistance to make such changes. On the contrary, your environment will support you and follow your ideas.

Uranus in Aries signals interesting changes and improvements in the work environment. But, you will have to renew the way you work, make updates that will undoubtedly generate advantages for the speed and the development of the same tasks. It won’t always be easy, but you will succeed if you keep your spirits up and are patient. You may feel annoyed by the role of a colleague or the insecurity of another colleague. Try to be more tolerant. Pluto in Capricorn generates changes.

There will be a concrete possibility of promotion, of gaining power and prestige, of establishing a foothold in the profession. However, although success is assured, some differences with partners, bosses, or colleagues will hinder the smooth running of the Archers’ activities. If you don’t ignore the first signs of conflict, you will have opportunities to resolve problems on the fly. But if you insist on believing that everything is wonderful, conflicts will end up wearing out relationships. Also, Sagittarius will tend to become very authoritarian and that will create resistance among their subordinates.

A somewhat adverse climate will hinder your progress, but you will have a very valuable tool in your favor that you will do well to use whenever you face an obstacle: dialogue. It will be the exchange of ideas that will allow you to convince your most demanding interlocutors. Aries support will be essential to compensate for fluctuations that will occur in the professional field. Gemini will try to stop his progress, convinced that he has taken the least convenient shortcut. Virgo will be your advisor when it comes to rethinking your accounts and will propose useful solutions.

Good deals will have to be completed during the first week of the month. After that, the prevailing conditions will not be entirely favorable for these children of Jupiter, who could be overconfident and make mistakes that they will regret later. If they must sign deed contracts, it will be better for them to be advised. When it comes to problems with colleagues, they can only avoid them by being cunning. It will be essential, likewise, that they take care and measure their words when issuing opinions in front of their superiors as they could be misinterpreted.

Your relationship with money will be good from the 2nd week. You will progress remarkably and you will feel satisfied. You will have more income and your conservative attitude will allow you to save, and then be able to invest it in your business or stocks.

Your relationship will be good, although poor. Which does not mean that you are happy about your father’s professional achievements. He will do well and he will want to share it with the whole family, but you will not be too available this month. Difficulties with family ties. A person or situation worries or annoys you, so you will feel perplexed or uncertain about how to proceed. Neptune in Pisces will remain anchored in its House IV of the domestic nucleus, but the trigger will be Jupiter, Mars, and then Venus in Virgo, which could create communication difficulties and tensions, which it will not face calmly. You will have to endure, count to ten, and be patient, as it will not be a long-term situation.

Health will be good. It will be the most important thing this month for you. You seek to find stability, strength, and harmony. You must exercise daily, to get back to your bottom and regain your energy. Accompany it with a balanced diet and a little Meditation and you will feel perfect. Fortunately, Jupiter still in transit through the sign of Sagittarius will relativize the importance of the ailments that could afflict the Centaurs, making them a little serious. In any case, it would not be reasonable to ignore the results of studies and analyzes. On the contrary, the choice of alternative therapies in many cases will give favorable results and will avoid the side effects so common when the treatments are conventional. Phytotherapy and gem therapy will accelerate any physical or emotional recovery process.

Sagittarians will easily fall into states of depression. These “lows” could lead to metabolic disorders. Sagittarius suffers from the liver and will have, yes or yes, to moderate in food and drink, especially in alcoholic ones. Homeopathy will be an invaluable help for the health of the natives since this discipline takes into account the emotions of the patient, and this October all dysfunction will have an emotional origin. But, to alleviate the symptom, it will be enough to take St. John’s wort mother tincture, fifteen drops twice a day, or frequent infusions of wormwood or bittersweet.

Annoyed by frictions experienced with friends and acquaintances, Sagittarians will stop frequenting the usual places. They should analyze what the mistake they made may have been and how much of the blame belongs to their friends. The Conclusions will speak for themselves. Taurus will not act with transparency and his behavior will end up thinning the atmosphere that surrounds this friendship. With Leo, the fun will be assured. Outings, parties, and weekend trips will be some of the activities that will summon them. Scorpios, for their part, will distance themselves without warning.

October will be a good month for you if you are a student. It will be easy for you to study and if you put your mind to it, your grades will be good. A very important topic this month is spirituality. You are increasingly involved in it and it brings you many benefits: harmony, peace, balance … But you will enjoy investigating unknown religions for you. You will attend seminars and talks is spiritual types. You’ll love it!

Astral Advice of October for Sagittarius
You will have to attend to different responsibilities. You can close doors of the past and open others that will lead you to a more comfortable future. Try to carry out projects with enthusiasm, even if they are challenging.

Projects and creativity favored friend Sagittarius! The Sun in Libra up to 22 influences your friendship sector and projects, it is the right time to surround yourself and plan what should be. Mercury in Scorpio until the 28th, pushes you to an introspection not very obvious to you, in love with action and freedom as you are, it will be even stronger after the 23rd. In contrast, Mars in Aries in good agreement with your firm, announces a powerful dynamism aimed at your creativity and love. A reorganization of your finances continues to work under the irreversible influence of the cosmic heavyweights, the last two deans. The first decan, you want to reorganize your work and manage your health differently, Uranus invites you there. Venus in Virgo softens your socio-professional sector, your charm could contribute to an improvement in this area.

Love panorama: Beautiful love evolution under the dynamic effects of Mars in Aries! You will like to start something again or to follow with ardor what already works. Intensity, longing, emotional problems will undoubtedly be important during the month. However, your thirst for conquest must accommodate a shy Venus who disrupts your temper a bit. Forced patience!

If you are in a relationship: Until the 22nd, the Sun in Libra favors what you could do with your partner. Until the 3rd and from the 29th to the 31st, your feelings are expressed happily. In the middle of the month, force your nature a little, your feelings are delicate. Libido in good shape, few words between you two instead of actions!

If you are single: Heaven creates beautiful opportunities that you will have to take advantage of as soon as possible! Friendly crucible favorable to a change of emotional state, especially before the 22nd, forget the anxieties of Mercury and believe what you want to live. Mars in Aries supports your sensuality, your creativity, and the real monthly sentimental Possibilities. The advice of My Horoscope for the Day: The energies of the month are conducive to the expression of your fiery and active temperament. Watch your thoughts so they don’t disturb your winning spirit: the only problem with this monthly chart, a small shadow in a halo of light.

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