Sagittarius this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius this December 2019 | Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius horoscope in December will be happy. The most important thing: work, money, health. Your lucky numbers for December: 6-7-8-9-15-16-25-25-26-27.

Love will be good for you, but with some instability. It is the right time, for you to make the changes, that you consider appropriate in your relationship. Dialogue is necessary so that you can agree on what your priorities and objectives are. Change everything you need to modify now because it will be much easier. If you are single, you will be for a short time, because love appears in your life.sagittarius december 2019 monthly horoscope

Social Life
Social life will be lively, although you also want to be at home. They will propose a trip, which you will feel like, but it is not a good time for trips abroad. You may encounter setbacks due to the solar eclipse on the 26th. If you can postpone it and change plans.

Work will be the most important thing for you. In December your business or your work is going well. Everything in your hands works very well. You have very good ideas, plaster them, it’s time. Take advantage of the good run. It is the ideal time for you to make the changes you need in your work since you can make them easily.

Money and Luck
Economically you will be fantastic. Suddenly everything flows, your two businesses bill and you earn more money than ever. You will feel very satisfied and start spending more on clothes, to give another image of you. The tea you will be in charge of investing the money well and that it does not escape from your hands. The solar eclipse of the 26th will make you see your economy in another way and you will start saving for a specific purpose.

Family and Friends
In your home and your family, you will be fine. But you will feel very much the emotion of the Christmas Holidays. You will probably want to take advantage of the Holidays to travel. It is not a good idea, because on the 26th there is an eclipse of the sun and you could suffer setbacks or even accidents. If you have not yet organized the trip, postpone it for another date; If it is already organized, be very careful.

Health will be good. You will focus on your image. You have evolved a lot in the last year and your image no longer hits the person you have become. You want to show yourself as you are, so you will change your style of dress, haircut and the way people are treated. It is a good time to purify your body. If you feel you need to clean, do it; Even if you want to lose weight, it would be a good time.

If you are a student it will be regular. You will be greatly affected by the solar eclipse on day 26. You will not be able to concentrate and you will not be convinced of your studies. You will consider changing subjects or if you are at the University, change your career or center.

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