Sagittarius Today Daily Horoscope Friday 9th June 2017

Sagittarius Today Daily Horoscope Predictions Friday 9th June 2017

Check your agenda and send at least one postcard, or an email to those people who have always been important in your life, but for different reasons are somewhat removed from you. Your actions are more secure and focused. There will be nothing that can get you out of your emotional center.

The things that disturbed you are beginning to be seen from another angle. If you are living a lovely love affair, what do you care what others think? You are the forger of your destiny, your present and your future. No one cares what you are doing in your privacy. If you are an adult, your sex life is personal.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope 9th June 2017
Given the present aspect of Venus, your love life may be quite agitated, if not stormy. This will be especially the case if you are married and give in to the call of sirens of passage. Beware, a mistake that you consider unimportant risks turning into a conjugal drama! If you are lonely, your adventurous heart will lead you through the nose. Runaway, thunderbolt, but also disappointment and surprise not always pleasant are possible.

Some romantic novels and movies may have contributed to make you feel overflowing with passion and sensuality, desiring to schedule a solo meeting with a lover. However, other social obligations could be an obstacle. These commitments, which you may have contracted long ago, may be business-related, so you may be able to get together with your friend much later than desired. Anyway, better late than never!

Saturn and Pluto planetoid remain retrograde. The planetary influence that is happening in your sign indicates the possibility that your dreams and fantasies become reality. Fully enjoy your current reality because there are elements that will help you establish a strong relationship.

Sagittarius Health Horoscope 9th June 2017
The money invested in your health will never fall on deaf ears and your body will thank you. Take care with responsibility and do not spare when buying high quality personal care products.

Today there will be some dominant energy around you. Although you may get along well with everyone, you will be overwhelmed by this aggression. Do not be afraid to make the points clear. You will need to set certain limits and let someone know about your inappropriate behavior. Everything will improve with some honesty and tact. And you’ll feel better if you clear things up.

With Mercury that will be the barometer of your health, you will be very fit, but also quite nervous. Not only will you not hold up, but some of you will even tend to fall into excitement or impatience. First hit? Your sleep, which may be somewhat restless.

Sagittarius Work Horoscope 9th June 2017
Something interesting can happen related to your work and it is possible that in a few days someone is inviting you to participate in a new company or to do a different management that would put you on a successful path within your company.

Today you could receive surprise visits. Maybe it happens at work. It will be people from another side that you do not know and who want to visit the place. Although stimulating and exciting, it can be overwhelming at the same time. You may feel that this is not the time to start new relationships. Do not get discouraged. Things will happen in harmony thanks to the energy of today. Everything will go well despite the unexpected challenges.

The fields of research and creation will be greatly promoted. You will be able to make yourself a place in the sun in one of these branches of activity and even acquire a notoriety in favor of this aspect of Mars.

Sagittarius Money Horoscope 9th June 2017
Do not neglect the signals and messages that come to you tonight as there may be money and more than just a dream in them. You’re going to hear about a late payment that comes to you in a timely manner. Money flows, do not fret.

The financial terrain is undermined! Mars badly aspected may cause confusion. But it will be fine if you manage your budget wisely and take no hazardous action. On the other hand, if you start to consider important financial transactions, beware: you risk making the wrong choices.

Some pretty intense and strange dreams could inspire you to embark on some in-depth study on a topic that interests you. It may have to do with the arts, philosophy or metaphysics. As a result, travel plans to one of the most important spiritual centers in the world, such as, Mecca or Jerusalem, may well round your mind. Your level of intuition today is very high, so whatever you dream, pay attention. It may be what you need!

Sagittarius Family Horoscope 9th June 2017
Peaceful family day, and you will not be sorry. You aspired to a little calm at home, and you are filled. Knowing to show your loved ones the ardor of your feelings: they are not supposed to guess it.

Sagittarius Social Life Horoscope 9th June 2017
Planetary influences will favor you in more than one area if you decide to get out of your little habits. Take initiatives, see people, it will be the best way to seize opportunities and make meetings both enjoyable and useful.

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