Sagittarius Today Horoscope 21 April 2017, good idea for insurance

You need to make an important decision about the job, it is very likely that you should be thinking about changing jobs, so today you have to look for a new place to work.

Do not expect the person you like to approach you on your own initiative, this may never happen this way and be you who should be noticed, do it from today, do not approach with a silly excuse, do it directly and bluntly.

It will never be a good idea to give a cut to what you have insurance, it is preferable that you stay in the place where you are in love, you already have a lot of time with the person you are, give a return to the decision you are about to drink.

You are about to receive stimulating news from someone who has not seen you for a long time and now announces a happy encounter. A family reunion is coming full of pleasant memories and you will find yourself in a very funny circumstance that will help you to forget certain bitter moments of the past. Remember that the return of Saturn is now occurring by your sign and also your regent is retrograde which can cause certain states of insecurity in your life.

Sagittarius Today Horoscope 21 April 2017 Love, Health

The Moon is passing through Aquarius and the planet Mercury enters retrograde in Aries. In addition, the planets Jupiter, who is your ruler, and Saturn continue retrograde, the latter in your sign, in your long return of 30 years. The effective landscape that surrounds you is positive in order to correct mistakes and start something good in your love life. There are reconciliations and reunions in these moments and the vicissitudes suffered in the past become jokes and cause for joy and rejoicing.

Your health is well supported in this astral cycle and little by little you will notice how what you were worried about in the past is now taking a back seat and feeling rejuvenated and vital.

Do not meet people who spend the day talking badly about their peers and bosses because that negative energy distracts you, and they could get you into dangerous gossip and gossip.

Money and Luck
You must draw realistic goals for yourself because the tone of today is to want to do many things and solve back issues in an instant. If finances are involved put your affairs in order because you could lose money if you neglected or dispersed during this planetary season.

Sagittarius 21 April 2017 Lucky numbers for today: 2, 4, 9, 22, 33, 47.

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