Sagittarius Today Horoscope Friday 26th May 2017

Sagittarius Today Horoscope Predictions Friday 26th May 2017

This is your zodiacal, Sagittarius day, and with the effluvium of the new moon your intuition is receiving good planetary waves that will help you regain lost confidence in sentimental issues and move forward your emotional life.

During this stage your sixth sense is refined and you will suddenly find yourself with unexpected money in the middle of a trip also unforeseen associated with someone recently known or a person who in the past had very good bonds of friendship with you, but that is in other ways And other directions at this time.

Follow your impulses and your intuition that now with the influence of the novilunio is very accurate. Little by little you will gain a sentimental ground that seemed lost, but thanks to your persistence and constancy it recovers and then things will be better than before. Love is not a fantasy in your life, but a reality.

Do not worry about any unusual symptoms that you have because many times the body reacts unexpectedly to the circumstances. A change that worries you, if it persists you should consult your doctor, but do not go running quickly thinking that you have something wrong, when it is not.

Do you need a job? Do not be discouraged if you initially make some mistakes because when starting something new this is not a serious problem. Learning is a trial and error process and as you apply to them you will see amazing results. If you are with a good job do not fret, just try to get better every day.

You are very clear intuitively with the action of the new moon so do not be surprised if you have some kind of dream that inclines you to fortune with a lucky number in a casino, lottery, raffle or contest. If you feel inspired, it’s time to try Chance, Sagittarius.

Your Sagittarius Horoscope today, 26 May 2017

Your Astrology
It is the clear and resolute ideas that predominate and sweep your doubts, your good mood is communicative this Friday. You are going to need to mobilize your endurance, fortunately the form is at the rendezvous, balance your plate accordingly.

Your Day in Stars

  • Mood
    A chance will pass close by. Be receptive, you will open your horizons abroad in the broad sense.
  • Love
    Lively discussions are on the agenda of your loves. Whether with your partner or with a friendly relationship, these dialogues will help you better manage your intimate life.
  • Money
    Your capacity for concentration and creativity are in the vanguard, take advantage to launch a new project.
  • Job
    You bathe in a pleasant atmosphere if you agree to play the game with your hierarchy, cooperate.

And your Decan in all this?
The moon is in Taurus, in position 22 degrees, 11 minutes: Material and effective life is more stable, laziness linked to habits, memory and grudges.
First decan: Born between 23 November and 02 December

You are frank, spontaneous and fiery and you think that everyone resembles you. You will find today that some people prefer prudence, foresight and savings. You may be subject to remonstrances or endure benevolent but soporific advice.

Second Decan: Born between 03 December to 12 December

Do not make a real estate decision today: trees hide the forest, you do not have an overview and the grains of sand risk slipping into your most elaborate plans. Instead, devote this day to strengthening your social or professional situation.

Third decan: Born between December 13th to December 21st

You are sometimes awkward in expressing your enthusiasm. Today, it is reserve, modesty and moderation that are highlighted and acclaimed. Do not shatter the studious atmosphere, the quasi-scholastic climate by any brilliance which would be very badly received.
Your day: quite relaxed day. Rating: 5/5

Friendly relations are particularly favored. You want to be in perfect harmony with those around you. Links with recently found friends will be strengthened.

You will know how to manage your work with a masterly hand. For those who are looking for a job, they could finally find shoes at their feet. Phew!

All is well, your health is good.

Sagittarius Here is your horoscope from Friday, May 26, 2017

In a family affair, avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly and try to discover the underside of the cards. The more you know, the easier it will be for you to make the right decision and help where you need it.

You have earned the right to receive praise or gain the admiration of others, through your hard work or a great inspiration you may have had. Others will admire your initiative. Let it not rise to your head!

Your lucky number: 75
Your color of the day: purple
The best time of the day: 15h

Family / home
This astral environment will encourage you to put yourself in all states at the slightest criticism from your family circle. Try to be less likely. It will take more self-confidence and not give so much importance to the judgment of your loved ones.

Social life
The solar climate of this day will give you opportunities to occupy the front of the stage today, and you will not fail to seize them in flight. Do not do too much, at the risk of serving you. On the other hand, you will also be able to put your efficiency and your determination at the service of your entourage, which will prove very positive.

Make all your thoughts and efforts converge toward a specific goal.

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