Sagittarius Today Horoscope Sunday 14th May 2017

Sagittarius Today Horoscope Predictions Sunday 14th May 2017

The love of a couple is very good, but the person you love could be presenting anxieties about something that you have been waiting for a long time and does not materialize, give your full support.

Surrender, free yourself from so many conflicts and give yourself to love and the possibility of enjoying the day, the present, the now. This moment of your life can be the last one to live thinking things strange to your true self, walking on a borrowed path, working in the attainment of dreams of others, this moment of your going can be, if you want and have the courage to reveal yourself , The last living as a stranger within himself. An encounter will give you an unexpected pleasant surprise. Build something interesting from this. Anything you project with your partner will go well.

If you are in charge of a group, it is time to give them an incentive for their work, you can not let the effort always be worth the same, they need to receive something more for the extra work.

If you do business, today is not a good day to form agreements or signatures legal documents of a society, you need to review much more the conditions of what you will agree.

In sentimental matters you are in the middle of a positive process because you surpass what in the past caused you problems and you throw yourself happily to the conquest of your own happiness. A friendly person will give you ideas and suggestions that will attract you money as well as other different ways of channeling your energy to do what really suits you in each moment. A happy idea will crystallize soon and will put you on the path of prosperity and money, what you had thought was impossible, it is no longer the opposite!

Today the Moon is moving from your Sagittarius sign to Capricorn. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, as well as the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde. Love surprises you pleasantly since if you are single or single this is the weekend of the sentimental confessions in which the letters are put on the table and clarify the misunderstandings.

You are entering a good health stage. Your body in general is functioning as a true early warning system that you must obey so that you take preventive measures, which are always better, do not forget, Sagittarius.

This is an interesting time in your working life. Do not worry or despair because everything is arriving at its time, including something extra, temporary, but very effective. If you have work, then, take care of it with the responsibility that characterizes you.

It’s time to check your wardrobe and in doing so you will realize that you do not need to be buying new clothes because those that have you reach you and you can always renew them with a touch of initiative. Recycle your resources.

Do not let the fears invade you, you have the strength to get ahead of everything that gets in your way, it’s time to start living well and to heed what many people around you have told you.
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