Sagittarius Today Horoscope Sunday 21st May 2017

Sagittarius Today Horoscope Zodiac Predictions Sunday 21st May 2017

This Sunday is characterized by the singularity that presents in your Sagittarian sign since from this day, with the beginning of a sign of the element air, very similar to yours that is of fire, you can see a kind of dawn on your sentimental horizon .

You will hear very good news associated with efforts that were in the middle of a kind of paralysis. And as for your love life you will see how what you thought was one way, it is another. A warning: remember that you have retrograde impacts on your sign, do not promise what you can not fulfill later.

The Moon continues in transit through Pisces, and today begins to rule the sign of Gemini in many countries. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. This is the stage of the sentimental curiosities since you are beginning to think of someone that until now did not attract much attention. If so, this can indicate a mutual attraction and something that you should consider not to miss the opportunity.

You know very well the relationship between physical development and your sign as you are one of the most sportsmen of the zodiac so do not let yourself fall. Even if you are tired do not stop walking, exercise, take your resources and you will see how well you feel.

The cosmic energies that prevail in your Sagittarius sign impel you to move and seek another type of occupation if the one you are developing is not totally to your liking. Work requires satisfaction, and if you are not receiving it you are ceasing to live.

There is extra money in your horoscope, maybe from some late business that was pending payment, or a lost check that returns to your hands. The important thing is that in the least expected moment you will have what you need, Sagittarius.

It will be good for you to begin moderate physical activity. Also take care of your food, try not to compensated or become ill. Staying calm is very necessary. Luck in the game, look for a distant friend to share this moment, even if it is by phone.

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A surprise awaits you. The Universe, in return for his gifts, asks for a return of thanks and multiplication. Family matters will occupy the first place and thus leave the issues of the couple relegated. In many cases, these natives will have to take care of elderly parents and devious brothers. On the other hand singles have the opportunity to partner.

Someone who is quite influential in what you do as a job will make you an offer today, you probably will not be able to accept it right away, but it will give you some time to think about the offer, you need to say yes, since it is something Which will make you grow much more than you could achieve in the place where you are now.

A person in need of medical care within your family will call for you to help you, do not stop going to your rescue if you need something very urgent, we will all reach old age or we can get sick and we will want to support us.

It is likely that love needs a little more understanding on your part, you are not looking at the differences you have with the person you love, you will not always be right at all.
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