Sagittarius Today Horoscope Thursday 1st June 2017

Sagittarius Today Daily Horoscope Predictions Thursday 1st June 2017

On this day you will meet someone new. It’s possible! And the aspects of the day will make it much easier for you. Given the wonderful energy you will have at that time, there is nothing surprising about the fact that someone – man or woman – may be attracted to you. Take advantage of this wonderful day. It is made to measure for you!

The energy that comes from the transit of Venus and the combination with the planets that are moving in your Sagittarius horoscope place you in an appropriate framework to put an end to certain situations that you did not know how to face. This is a cycle of sentimental spontaneity. Enjoy your relationship.

The moon in a sign of earth, as it happens this Thursday, will help you to cultivate that reliable side that so much attracts to your pair. Do not let the day pass without showing with some gesture or word the immense love of your heart and express yourself with the naturalness and sincerity that characterize you. Happy days are coming, everything sad is behind.

A strong aura envelops you with a unique magnetism and your personality vibrates strongly. Many Sagittarians will be taking the first steps in a new relationship of a sentimental nature that is not yet defined, but that in these coming days of June will become more concrete and solid.

There are no serious problems in your horoscope, but there is the possibility of conditions in the throat if you expose yourself to the outdoors without protection or you do not take care and talk too much, especially if you are someone who should speak in front of an audience and use his voice a lot at work. Monitor the larynx, vocal cords and do not overdo it in your diet.

Start running a favorable economic wave around you and you can take advantage of it and make the most of it if you associate with positive people and those who know well the business in which you want to participate. In a few days Jupiter, your ruler, will be direct and the auspices are more than favorable for you. The first days of June will bring with it a total labor renewal.

Try not to let you try and fall into gossip. There will be rumors in the air today, and it will be better for you to protect yourself. Although it is true that there is some truth in the gossip, the adornments that added to the story make it too much. Feelings can be hurt. If you do not want to hurt yours, then stay away from the coffee machine at work.

It takes a firm willpower not to discourage you with a setback or a word of initial rejection that will discourage you. Fortunately you as a Sagittarian, you are optimistic and enthusiastic and you will not be discouraged by an initial negative or a rude, so insist, and you will see results.

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