Sagittarius Today Horoscope Thursday 4th may 2017

Sagittarius Today Horoscope & Psychic readings Thursday 4th may 2017

If a kind of mistake occurs in a job that you have to fix, then you must go back and begin to end what you could not finish.

A woman you know well needs you, it’s about someone older, make a call.

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

Having a good time in life is important, but so is sharing your success with others.

You hear something unsettling, Sagittarian. Reason it and take advantage of it, but do not discuss it with third parties to avoid indiscretions. If you discover that a recent relationship does not suit you and you decide to retire on time, do not wait any longer. Listen to your intuition and if that is your feeling you do not dilate the decision and follow the dictates of your conscience before you become more involved in a love thing that you do not see clearly.

There are some problems in your work from which you must move away. Do not discuss company secrets with your peers and if you find out something embarrassing keep discretion at all times.

The Moon is in transit through Leo. The only retrograde planets are Jupiter, Saturn and the dwarf planet Pluto, and Mercury is direct. Your refreshing attitude and good humor will give you very happy moments with your partner who will consider your sexual occurrences very funny and accurate. The spark you put in your intimacy brighten your relationship.

Keeping you healthy both physically and mentally should be your priority. Let go of your life what bothers you or worries, at least for today. If you can not solve it right away it should not be a burden to your nerves or alter your metabolism.

The planetary transits of today help you put a touch of originality in everything you do. Your work will be very well impacted and you will be able to finish the projects that are behind schedule. Do not be discouraged by setbacks.

If something is not working well in your economic affairs it is time to take immediate action. A pusillanimous or indecisive attitude leads to nothing and only slows down legal actions. Be well-behaved and act decisively at all times.

The person we love also needs to appreciate its essence and not just what it can deliver.

You need to take your work more seriously, there are projects that you have not solved and that need more attention.

An older person than you could help you avoid an explosive emotional confrontation. The discomfort caused by the lack of communication can make you think badly about your friend’s motives, and this older person will make you put your feet on the ground and force you to look at everything more objectively. You probably need to talk to your friend, but stay calm. Everything is not what it seems. Hold!

You have a good spirit and a great capacity for struggle, this characterizes you, it is possible that you may be going through a moment of not knowing where to go or what to do, try to give you encouragement and begin to clear the path that could lead you to the Success both in love, work and finances.

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