Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 10th to 16th May 2021

Sagittarius (born between November 23 and December 21): On Monday, 10th, you can leave everything related to your financial affairs well tied. But do not forget to leave a space and time to recharge the batteries, later.

On Tuesday the 11th, your sensitivity will be so special that you will be able to capture what each person you meet needs. It will be as if you have a very fine and very alert sixth sense. Pay attention to it and enjoy it. On Wednesday the 12th, your personality wins in joviality and in your way of being behavioral. What will help you feel “that you dominate the situation.” And that you can explain yourself incredibly and brilliantly.sagittarius weekly horoscope for 10th to 16th may 2021

On Thursday 13th, today you will have great original ideas that are both novel and original that will sow everything with joy and good humor. Enjoy them. On Friday the 14th, fortune accompanies you and it will also help you to identify with everything you are doing since you are very close to your heart and your “inner being”, which helps you in all your decisions.

99+ Best Partner Quotes x
99+ Best Partner Quotes

On Saturday 15th, today you must take into account how you address others. And in what way do you express yourself. Since sometimes due to haste and others due to carelessness, some conversations are not going in the right direction. And on Sunday the 16th, it is a day for you to finally have a quiet family day, and for you to look for your special place to relax at ease.

It is likely that this week, you will meet uncompromising interlocutors! It’s because your rather abrupt way of communicating forces others to do the same with you, history of the sprinkler being watered! You will have every interest in putting oil in the cogs, to limit certain major relational setbacks.

Sagittarius This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 10th to 16th May 2021

You aspire to consolidate the bonds which unite you with your partner but the circumstances will not provide you the opportunities yet. Patience and the strength of your feelings will be the only keys you will have this week to best experience this uncomfortable emotional state. Take a step back, become wise, open yourself to a height of view that allows you to really put matters of the heart into perspective!

Take the reins in hand without hesitation and go for it. Even if this sky continues to slow down your impulses from time to time, it will not be able to do anything against your extraordinary slaughter and your unwavering determination! This is the time to implement major projects, propose plans, and confirm your stature as a leader.

Relax your mental positions, give the other his share of doubt and his share of error, he is like you, in search of a truth that he believes he has. What if you changed your outlook? What if you introduced a bit of pure intuition into your way of thinking? Forget logic and tune in to inspiration!

Money and Luck
The situation is improving slowly but surely. You pay particular attention to managing your finances. You are more comfortable, but you still have a hard time making ends meet. This week, something unexpected can destabilize your budget. So that it doesn’t do too much damage, stay calm. This state of being will help you find the most economical solution to solve the problem. Sagittarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Your emotions are strained. It’s up to you to master them without leaving all your energy there, so as not to flex and to end the week in good shape. You have every interest in channeling your strengths so that they serve your words and your projects rather than hinder your discussions which are going a little in circles these days.