Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th May 2020

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 11th to 17th May 2020

Nothing light in the sky of your exchanges this week of May 11! Your contacts, discussions, or ideas take their time, you have the leisure to dig all this and to maintain your intellect by concepts which are close to your heart, between animal sensuality, authority, obstinacy, and clairvoyance.

This week’s moon will maximize your willpower and your perseverance, which are not exactly your greatest virtues. Thanks to this, you will not be as restless and impatient as usual and it will be easier for you to meet the objectives you have set for yourself to achieve your goals.

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By letting go of you find balance, your loved ones greatly appreciate the feeling of joy that carries you. If you had a problem with a person, it is easier to solve than you imagined. By learning from your past mistakes you are taking giant steps. You keep smiling, your loves are in the spotlight.

Jupiter in your sky encourages you to embark on a solo journey, whether you are a couple or not. You have a strong desire for independence, you need to breathe new air and breathe it alone. Your will does not predict a breakup, but it will take skill to convince your partner. You sometimes need to get drunk on solitude, promiscuity can spoil the pleasure of living together. You are also an intellectual sign turned towards meditation.

Count on the sky to maintain dialogue and facilitate exchanges. You will not have too much of this protection to stem the flood of reproaches which could well surge. If you have neglected your tasks or if you have evaded your responsibilities, the annoying questions, you will probably be caught by the conjuncture and forced to face!

Realistic qualities color your interest and profit transactions, whether financial, real estate, or emotional investment. It is a very good time to deepen and savor everything related to communication and travel.

Money and Luck
Strong activity on your account puts your finances in the red. If you wait for the arrival of a sum of money, be careful, it may be that delays will disrupt your plans. To keep your finances afloat, bet on exemplary management, do not be tempted by expenses that are not provided for in your program. Wait until everything is back to normal before treating yourself.

Under the influence of your Maison V, you will want to combine passion and work. A combination that is not always easy to find but that you will need to fully develop yourself. You will look for your most buried aspirations to give meaning to your professional activities. You will attach less importance to the pecuniary aspect of your trade. A person more or less close to you will also be by your side. You will welcome this help!

Family and Friends
You still have some time to prepare for this family reunion. Organized under a week, the latter should be summed up under the sign of reunion. Take the opportunity to try to find out a little ahead of the presents. In any case, it is well known, those who are absent are always wrong. Also, it will be useful for you to update your information: future parents, newlyweds, new arrivals? Keep these moments preciously in your heart. They remain essential to your balance.

You could accuse a fall of vitality inciting you to breathe a little! Do not be overly panic, but keep in mind that these signals should not be overlooked. You will be less resistant than usual and those who are in fragile health could be affected a little more by this delicate context. Also, allow yourself longer rest or recovery times and admit that you are not a superman!

You will be plumbed this week under the effects of the planet Mars! Your endurance will not leave you with a sole. With this healthy heart, it’s a good time for running, swimming, or aerobics. Maintain this favorable physical condition by eating “friendly” foods such as fish, brown rice, and vegetables. Also, they prefer the antioxidants found in nuts or red fruits. This will regulate your metabolism and keep your energy.

Also, you will be so focused on all the issues that concern you that it will be much more difficult to let yourself be carried away by the discouragement caused by this situation of compulsory confinement. It is also a good time to express and communicate more fluently and sincerely with others in general and loved ones in particular. Don’t be afraid to share your feelings with them.

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