Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 15th to 21st July 2019

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 15th to 21st July 2019

1- Love
Stimulated by the good posture of the planet Jupiter in your sky, your love situation will be at best! As a couple, you will be motivated by the desire to embellish your daily life and that of your spouse: you will have plenty of ideas to chase the routine.

Single, you will be inventive and creative in your approach to seduction. Your charm will be highly appreciated. Meetings, whether or not they lead to a great story, will provide a shared passion.sagittarius weekly horoscope 15 to 21 july 2019

2- Health
These days, it’s time for the party. Anniversaries, accommodation or other celebrations, all excuses are good to go out with friends or family. Enjoy it, it’s an excellent outlet and your mood will be much lighter.

This could still generate a surplus of fatigue that you must monitor so that it does not weaken you. Also pay special attention that these outings are not a way to escape your problems, they will not disappear like magic!

3- Work
On the job side, after a long crossing of the professional desert, new opportunities will finally be available to you this week. Whether through a revaluation or a bonus, luck will get in your way.

Look forward to these novelties, which give you a welcome breath of fresh air. Financially, good news should end up making you smile. At the end of the week, you will have a delicate choice to make. Analyze the situation with foresight and you will come out winner.

4- Family and Friends
Following movements in your House I, you will experience situations of misunderstanding with those around you. Strong heads may well turn against you for unexplained reasons.

You will be surprised but you will defend yourself without letting yourself walk on your feet. Do not try to raise your tone. You will only get disappointed. On the contrary, try to put things flat. If you are ascendant Aquarius, your sense of humor will serve to relax the atmosphere.