Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Sagittarius (born between November 23 and December 21): On Monday The 16th, fortune knocks on your door, if you keep that good mood and that kindness that you always express. You can help those around you and make them feel happier. You will have a very happy mood.

On Tuesday 17, you will have a special energy that will give you confidence in what you do. This will give you security and motivation in your occupations and achievements. Also, everything will be spiced up by your great sensitivity. Wednesday 18 is a special day to think about making a little trip in which you feel comfortable because it goes with your character. Think if you want to go with a company or alone since it is very different. It’s up to you.sagittarius weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd november 2020

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On Thursday 19th, you will be able to choose to learn “That” that you have always liked and that you have been leaving behind, due to other occupations or studies. Now is the time, for what you do as it will fill you and bring out all the talent within you. On Friday 20, calm, because you will feel a rush to carry out all your affairs since you have a lot of vitality. Do each act by looking only at him. And so little by little with everyone; and you will be able to finish them easily.

On Saturday 21, you have confidence and security in yourself. And a very novel way of doing everything. You will feel very good about getting what you were looking for a long time and at the same time, you will make others happy. And on Sunday you will be able to give your help to people who need it and who need your experience and your knowledge for issues that have arisen and that need support.

This week is presented in the best possible way. What’s more, you are very, very fit. After what you’ve been through these last few weeks, it’s strange to see you so happy. The decisions you’ve made seem to have paid off unless you’re a little in love. Whatever the case, it will be easier than usual for you to brainstorm and share your feelings with others. Enjoy it. Also, you shouldn’t worry about what may loom on the horizon. Your energy will allow you to have some very pleasant days. However, things will move at lightning speed. You can make yourself useful and even indispensable. If you are looking for passionate love, don’t be confused by the feelings that are overwhelming you right now. The solution does not lie in complications but something easier, that is, reveal your feelings and wishes.

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You are going through a period of negativity. Everything works quite well but you wish it were better. You are worried about the labor issue and the economic one, but in reality, there is not so much. This is the reason why you prefer to lock yourself at home to continue eating the coconut. If your friends call you to see you or go out, they always get no for an answer. You should not separate yourself from the people who love you and neither from the group. You have a lot of people worried and there really is no reason for it. Open your eyes and realize that you have everything going for you, especially in love, and in matters where the money is involved. Instead of worrying and complaining, take the opportunity, follow the dictates of your inner voice and you will achieve everything you set your mind to.

You use and abuse your power of seduction, you are charming, your words are full of ease and wit, but you are not immune to errors or excess. You will begin to find outlets for their wonderful projects, but this clarification needs time to blossom into concrete and lasting achievements.

You will feel a significant change in the sentimental domain. Indeed, a lucky star shines above your head. If you had any disagreements, they resolve themselves faster than you expected. From the start of the week, you capture the positive energy that hangs over your love life. A person takes you on a whirlwind of love, you no longer control anything.

The key to your success lies in one thing: your great mastery, in fact, you very effectively control management and quality, your working time, you optimize, you innovate, you develop, you do not stop. Your motivation is great, you are at ease in your professional world, it is with pleasure that you take on the task. You can take a well-deserved break.

You are faced with big jobs or important responsibilities, which is okay with you. You feel at ease in a coherent world and will be able to participate in the pacification of the zodiac, following their good intuitions and not giving in to superficiality or egocentricity.

Money and Luck
From a financial perspective, all is well. Suffice to say that you are one of those who are spoiled. The heavenly menu resembles that of a banquet of many delicacies. In other words, your road meets perspectives and opportunities that should not be missed. Be attentive and relaxed at the same time, the stake is worth it.

An intrepid sky boosts you and strongly encourages the implementation of your multiple and varied projects. Caught in the pincers by ardent energy and duty of reserve, you must therefore try to evolve as serenely as possible towards your goals without ruining your reserves or recklessly drawing on energy considerably constrained by common sense.