Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th April 2021

Sagittarius (born between November 23 and December 21): Monday, 19th, is a day to develop patience and moderation, to avoid being “eaten up”. Everything is possible, as long as you do it calmly and calmly, at home.

Tuesday 20th is a day to accept reality and to stick to the plans you have for the future, in a vital way and with patience. Because you can’t expect others to fix things for you. You must put “hands to work”. On Wednesday the 21st, you will notice that you need more calm and tranquility in your life since you are noticing that everything is out of control. And today you need to go slower and have time to rethink everything and think more clearly. So calm down.sagittarius weekly horoscope 19th to 25th april 2021

Thursday 22nd, today is a day to have small moments of relaxation, every two by three, because if you do not do it you will notice that your head does not stop and that everything accumulates in your thoughts. Do everything little by little. On Friday the 23rd, you want to learn something that you have been behind for a long time. But you need to make a balance first to see if it is timely or not. The world moves very fast and you must use pragmatism so that it is not just a hobby.

Saturday the 24th is an ideal day to convince yourself that you don’t have to stubbornly deal with issues that have no solution. The best thing is to let yourself be guided by your intuition. And if doubts arise, you know, “ask the pillow.” And on Sunday 25th, today is a day to project new plans for when you can carry them out. With patience and calm, everything will turn out better than ever.

With Mars in opposition, you tend to become dispersed, inconsistent, and waste your energy unnecessarily. Indeed, with this atmosphere, you want more to vary the pleasures than to be rigorous, serious, and to comply with the orders of whomever it is.

Sagittarius This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 19th to 25th April 2021

You communicate “on the radar” with few words, a lot of feeling, and a very expressive look. You say what you have on your heart with the assurance of being heard and understood. Now is the right time to express your feelings or declare your love! You have the opportunity to make constructive and lasting agreements with a reliable partner.

Now is the time to put into practice the advice we have received recently. You are in a position to step up a gear, to undertake, and to receive the dividends of your brilliant initiatives! You know what you are owed and are ready to do anything to achieve your goals. You may be trying to force a passage and your daring can pay off.

However, your affective sphere is favored and you can, with joy and dynamism, increase the number of exchanges and outings. In love, you are not likely to be bored because you are overflowing with ideas to break with monotony and maintain powerful feelings.

Money and Luck
There is a lot of activity on your accounts. You absolutely must curb spending, especially the less important ones. Too much consumption could lead to bankruptcy, react quickly before the situation gets complicated. Be rigorous, it’s not always easy, but in your case, it’s almost mandatory. If you are expecting money to come in, it will come at the end of the week. Sagittarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

The planets are jostling and jostling you. You feel like you’re on the grill all the time and dealing with everything all the time. This roller coaster-like astral landscape keeps you going and could tire you out. You may run out of breath, try to relativize the challenges that are offered to you, and do not take any cookie-cutter decisions.

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