Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th November 2018

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 19th to 25th November 2018

The conjunction of Jupiter in the sun makes you more generous, more understanding, more happy and your popularity is rising. So it’s a good time to have fun, to blossom into your emotional and friendly life, and to make more money, either by embarking on a project or investing.

Communication is at the rendezvous, your good mood is overflowing and your exchanges are positive, you can count on multiple supports, you also have a chance factor that allows you to seize great opportunities and carry out the best all of your projects.

Some of you will start a long-term relationship after a crush, luck will pass, anyway. It will be up to you to seize it by listening to your heart and only him … You will always be in time to reason then! Too much cerebral logic can hinder the development of your connections this week, while new pleasures will reach you. Your initiatives give more results than usual, it is the moment to express your feelings, to launch dialogues.

It will be easier for you to gather your energy in peace this week. The outside world arouses in you a very masculine combativity, in the symbolic sense. The influx of the Sun makes you take a closer look at traditionally male domains. This makes it easier for you if you decide to go back to school or specialize. You will tend to judge the reserved people negatively, because you repress this in you.

Money and Luck
Your financial life this week of November 19th will experience a stream of luck. Indeed, the influx of Venus announces increasing facilities and your personal actions will not be for nothing. Your impact in this area is clear will be your strength of conviction, it’s time to negotiate on your most important projects. Your temerity associated with your words can push you to fruitful agreements.

This week will be highlighted by a surge of optimism that supports your moral form and makes you gain psychic energy. You’re bubbling about your projects, your exchanges alone give you energy. You will hold your fitness level in an honorable way. Influxes of Jupiter tend to increase food excess. If you play sports, make sure you warm up at least. Do not pull the rope morally.

By Mary Emma

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