Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th July 2019

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 1st to 7th July 2019

The trine of Mars is very beneficial. You are confident and determined, in search of results, you easily channel your energy towards concrete achievements. You know what you want and you get right to the point, your actions are effective and your initiatives are paying off.

Your partner is at the center of your concerns and you would be well inspired to surround him, cuddle, pamper him to meet the demand. If you neglect it, you bite your fingers. Single, the sky watches over your loves and multiplies the opportunities for conquest. You are irresistible and do not deprive yourself of exercising your power of seduction successfully.sagittarius weekly horoscope 1st to 7th july 2019

This sky urges you to action and gives you dynamism and audacity to carry out your plans. Avoid, however, to push your interlocutors too visibly in their entrenchments, it is not certain that they appreciate. However, you can count on a fiery sky to strengthen your business and give breath to your career.

It’s a good time to accept a project, ask for a promotion or an increase. In your love life, you feel particularly in love and sensual during this period. Your relations both professional and private are good.

Money and Luck
It seems that to spend your money you do not need advice, but to make it work it’s more complicated. In order to get the best advice, surround yourself with people of quality and confidence, avoid missing out on opportunities. To conclude a contract or negotiate a business, play the audacity, from the moment you master the situation, you can not refuse anything.

Some excesses of the past directly affecting your figure invite you to seriously take back your hand. Also, this week could be starting a new page of your life regarding your well-being, your relationship to food and sport. Why not safely test an activity at a sports club or receive vegetarian cooking classes? Dare to go on a discovery.

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