Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

You can expect advancement, recognition of your work and your efforts, your seriousness earns you the trust of others. This period is conducive to providing you with support. Your life, under this influence, is regular, perhaps boring, but productive and constructive for the future.

Your progress is steady and constructive but slow. If the Administration is particularly likely to slow you down, you retain your popularity and you take on responsibilities. Your work, however difficult, will be done. It’s a somewhat monotonous period that allows you to catch up on late work.


You are not prejudiced, Sagittarius, but this week this characteristic of your sign may be conspicuous by its absence. Before you get an idea or make a decision, think about it, because surely the first impression will not be correct. You are still on a very good work and social streak.

Your sympathy makes people “stick” to you and this is very positive, but you also have to know how to keep your distance from those who you know you are not interested in because they can harm you. A favorable astral conjunction will give you a lot of strength to face everything. These days you can receive a proposal from a company where you worked.

You will be tempted to give a negative, but you would be wrong. Now great opportunities come to you camouflaged as small offers. Things don’t stop there, they continue on an upward path that will take you to the top. You should attend meetings or parties, even organize them. Socialize a lot these days, especially if you are a free heart. You can easily find your better half.

You’ll be thinking about the future of your relationship this week, Sagittarius, as Mercury moves into your 7th house. You could be talking to someone new or discussing where things are headed with your current partner. You may also be seeking advice and different perspectives from your closest friends. With the Full Moon in your sign, you will realize how you can make your own goals a priority. You could be getting more attention from others, or have a significant opportunity. Also, you may be paying more attention to your appearance.

Your affective life evolves by adapting to the aspirations of your partner. You feel a great need for stability but your partner craves distractions and light things. Concessions are essential in your relationship. Meetings take you out of your habits and bring you a fun and very beneficial wind of novelty if you have been alone for too long!

The week of June 20 is promising, you hit the jackpot, great financial victories are coming, you are not at the end of your surprises. The money that comes in is immediately invested in personal projects or for the well-being of your couple. You have no money worries and it shows, you take advantage of this financial ease to lead (almost) the high life. Nothing is more beautiful than having fun.

Do not waste your energy unnecessarily and instead use your very promising potentials to set up an existence more in line with your dearest wishes. If you give in to the wind of destabilization and discord that is blowing, you will exhaust yourself and, at the same time, miss out on the benefits that the planetary configuration has in store for you.

Despite some worries, you navigate rather calm waters in your work. This gives you rest from the hustle and bustle and allows you to move slowly but surely towards your goals. Heaven endows you with a convincing verb and you communicate wonderfully. You can manage to conclude interesting agreements on the social level and you negotiate your future.