Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 23rd July to 29th July 2018

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 23rd July to 29th July 2018

With the entry of the Sun into a trine, you do not have time to get bored! The atmosphere is rich in discussions, new contacts, pleasures and various activities. You jump on all the occasions to express yourself, to make acquaintance, to shake up your habits, to evolve your social life, to act with enthusiasm and to dazzle your entourage.

You get a great energy that you manage to use wisely by being more thoughtful and less impulsive. Beware of being too superficial, focus on what is worth it. Do not lose your peace. Welcome a little lightness in your daily life and adapt to the rhythm and attitudes of everyone.sagittarius weekly horoscope 23 july to 29 july 2018

The effective domain will be intensely favored this week, in the sense that you will arrive without special efforts to impose yourself without grinding your teeth, and expressing more freely than usual your thirst for tenderness. This week will allow you to consolidate your intimate relationships in Concord, you will be more willing to give of yourself. Mars and Venus make things easier for you, your expression will bring you luck.

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The arrival of Venus at your sign will have direct consequences on your professional life. Indeed, you will not let chance and external events lead your boat to your place! You will spontaneously have more personal initiatives as part of your job. Which, depending on your current situation, can change a lot of things, or just increase sales, results.

Money and Luck
You will have the energy to improve your finances, this week of July 23, and want to fully deserve your ascent. The ideal would be to put the order in your projects related to the money not to scatter you. This danger avoided, nothing can slow down your ascent. Success reaches you if you accept the necessary efforts to provide! Your need for material and financial progress requires adjustments and initiatives over time, heal your negotiations. The chance will be full of you.

The planetary aspects that prevail in your skies this week will give you a lot of energy, especially with regard to acting constructively. Your muscular vitality, your basic spring benefits from the aspects of Jupiter and Uranus, followed by the transit of Mars come to boost your metabolism positively. The only point to watch, your liver balance, sparing your liver is necessary in the middle of the week.