Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 26th November to 2nd December 2018

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 26th November to 2nd December 2018

You benefit from a relative calm that allows you to establish independence, a friendly and socio-professional rich life. Excellent decisions are made! You are sensitive to a sudden bulimia and feelings. The ideal would be to enjoy a great popularity, some success, without falling into the trap of abuse.

You continue to progress in your goals and you are particularly disciplined. Mars sextile opens many doors and raises your ambitions. You are full of creativity and intuition, you write, chat or deliberate with a lot of talent. You are also more determined and tenacious than usual, which benefits you.sagittarius weekly horoscope 26 november to 2 december 2018

There is fire and passion in the air, this week of November 26, in your love life. You will not miss opportunities to enrich it with intense moments, as long as you are not afraid to let yourself be carried away to a stranger who is not very familiar, but potentially positive. Festivities for two are on the program. It is taking this slope that you can deploy the wings of passion, but also those of carelessness. Put yourself bare without unnecessary pride.

You are going this week to feel the need to confront yourself with professional challenges to overcome certain conventional wisdom that stifles your ambitions. The aspects of Jupiter and the Moon favor your leadership in communication. You keep your promises, your reliability extends positively this week. This trust encourages the hatching of your projects. The inspiration in the broad sense is very favored, do not hesitate to structure your projects and put your faith in it!

Money and Luck
Your financial life this week will evolve to heights. Indeed, the influx of Venus announces increasing material comfort, and your personal actions will not be for nothing. Your expression and your creativity in this area are clear and especially in harmony with the external conditions. All successes are possible this week, as long as you leave no room for doubts about your abilities.

This week begins under the climax of Mars, you are full of vitality. Your energy is rising until the end of the week, which you aspire to the action in all the fields. You will need to balance your energy expenses in stability. Sporting background activities will help you develop your endurance and increase your energy and nerves.

By Mary Emma

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