Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 26th October to 1st November 2020

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 26th October to 1st November 2020

If you start the week in a negative spirit, you are likely to have problems in droves. You will have attracted them by moving the bad energies. So if you do not wake up today in the best mood, do everything possible to change that mood. Above all, do not think that everything goes wrong and that it will continue to be so in the future. Perhaps you should recognize certain errors that are what make things go wrong. Sometimes you break down for no apparent reason and today can be one of those days if you don’t realize it and remedy it. The origin of your concern may be in the sentimental field. If you expect a call from someone and it does not occur, instead of despairing, call yourself and get rid of doubts.

You may be going through a period in which you are suffering from lovesickness. Also, you have the impression that those around you do not value you fairly and you suffer for it. If so, you should try to talk about what worries you. It is often just a communication problem. It is better to put the cards on the table and settle the outstanding accounts. Then you can start over in your relationships. You may also be able to suddenly make a passionate declaration of love. You could find yourself in a very impulsive state of mind as planets excite those feelings of strong affection. If you have your eye on a particular person, you should be bold with them.sagittarius weekly horoscope 26th october to 1st november 2020

Venus enters your sign this week, providing more connection with pleasure and more awareness of money from a place of enjoyment, putting it in another lighter and less dense place. Jupiter continues in your sign asking you to cheer up, filling you with messages from the Universe that, if you know how to see and listen, will encourage you to spread your wings and fly towards new expansions. The pagan portal of All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) added to the power of the new moon in Scorpio, gives them vigor and fire to face any obstacle.

Sagittarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Be patient and understanding if you don’t want this week to turn into a sentimental fiasco. Your steps are not very rewarding no matter what area you are concerned about but this situation will not last forever, so try to limit the damage as much as possible and stay optimistic in human relationships.

Singles, you encourage meetings and develop the right strategies to find the soul mate or you take advantage of these dynamic winds to live fully and enjoy the present moment with carefree and pleasure! In couples, you enjoy a flashback that sets your days and nights ablaze. Be careful because forbidden fruits tempt you, so calculate the risks!

A promising week awaits you. So, instead of exhausting yourself, prepare instead in the shadows and sheltered from the fury of those around you. Beware of hallway noise and distorted language. Avoid taking sides and if possible get excited about nothing! This sky titillates your nerves, undermines your morale, and exhausts you!

You will have to learn to be discreet during this tiring week. The less you stand out, the easier your days will be, you are more likely to be disappointed in the current emotional exchanges but you may find some comfort in solitude, with the opportunity to reflect at the moment. calm.

Money and Luck
This last week of October you are in a beautiful phase of communication. In terms of opportunity, new contacts are beneficial. In part, thanks to your relationship circle, income increases dramatically. If you have a current or upcoming project, you have very advantageous ways to make it happen. The influences are favorable, you are under high protection. Money is no longer a problem, your talent is rewarded.

As soon as the stress manifests you have stomach aches. At the start of the week, a situation that you do not control brings you anxiety, you have to put it into perspective. If all the daily obligations make you so demoralized, start with the most important tasks, otherwise do things at your own pace. At the end of the week, your anxieties disappear as if by magic.

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