Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd to 8th November 2020

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 2nd to 8th November 2020

Sagittarius (born between November 23 and December 21): On Monday the 2nd, luck accompanies you to organize your economic issues simply. To know what expenses are necessary and which are expendable. In this way, everything will be easier.

On Tuesday 3rd, your enthusiasm will be contagious and you will cheer up all the people around you. If you succeed, you will perceive what the true nature of the universe is. On Wednesday 4th, take advantage of the harmonious family atmosphere, to reorganize everything you have around you in the areas that you are usually in your home. You should give them another air more spacious and comfortable.sagittarius weekly horoscope 2nd to 8th november 2020

On Thursday 5th, your vitality will be intense. And you will enjoy everything that life gives you: the sun, the rain, the flowers, the living beings, everything that is close to you and that you can appreciate in greater depth. This is life. On Friday the 6th, may your imagination and your dreams fly high, to be able to carry out all those plans that you wanted for a long time. If you deepen your sensitivity and find your center, you will have benefits for yourself and others.

On Saturday 7th, you will have great creativity. And you would like to have a partner close to you that is related to you and that you enjoy activities together. Today you will have a lot of vitality and enthusiasm for everything. And Sunday is a day to use romance with your partner or for fun with children.

Venus in Sagittarius, and also Jupiter. Two planets that appeal to pleasure, enjoyment, merit, and expansion. De-dramatize, lighten, have those deep talks with friends, read those books and content that encourage and make even what hurts make sense. Times to value what you have, to be deeply grateful as you plan 2021 with more, decreeing that your expansion will always bring light to you and all those around you.

This week you should start thinking about putting some order in your private life, not about dedicating yourself to your finances, your house, and your work. To keep control of the situation in all areas, you just need a little organization. Obviously, when it comes to love, the old Socratic recipes no longer work. It is no longer about turning your head. But don’t get carried away by a simple adventure either. You will be receptive, strong, and confident. You are more inclined to seek out those who are like you. However, do not become intolerant. You feel the need to mentally escape and get away from the daily routine. Your potential horizons are expanding. Take time to reflect. It is still too early to take action.

Sagittarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

This transit of Venus in a friendly sign brings a real breath of fresh air to your relationships. You feel freer and better understood. An atmosphere of camaraderie hangs in the air and good times will punctuate the coming weeks. Your goal is to bite into life, but your extravagance can cost you points.

The climate is favorable to transform your habits and to change the way you see love. You need to ventilate yourself, to get out of your universe, out of your emotional comfort zone. This need can create tension in your relationship. If you think outside the box despite everything, keep the dialogue going and be clear about your intentions.

The week starts well, you are up to date in your files, on the side of the management of your schedule, things are going pretty well, the only problem is that you do not particularly want to work. Your mind is on vacation. The good thing is that you don’t let yourself be affected by small outside interference, suddenly you refocus on the essential, you regain your motivation.

Exchanges of ideas, common projects, and easy agreements are the order of the day! You have every chance that the emotional bonds formed during this period acquire a stable and lasting aspect. It’s time to accept invitations to your favorite social networks, participate in video aperitifs, socialize in an atmosphere that suits you, and, even, that highlights you.

Money and Luck
Change your sofa or redo your kitchen? This week of November 2, your purchasing power is gradually being rebuilt and you are opening up possibilities that you had left to sleep for lack of new money. Get back to work wholeheartedly, the sinews of war boosts your creativity and your fury for life! Put your financial fears aside, but let this serve as a lesson: don’t throw money down the drain!

You are solicited by your intense loves and your no less gluttonous social appetites, but you should have the necessary resources to display your charm and your skills without exhausting yourself. So, under the protection of such good times, learn to live good times without complex. Isn’t life beautiful?

By Mary Emma

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