Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 30th July to 5th August 2018

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 30th July to 5th August 2018

You dispel your doubts by confronting yourself with raw truths. Even if they do not please you, you give yourself the means to make subtle transformations to improve your life. Your spontaneity is more natural and you are listening. It’s time to focus on your relationships and guide the course of your Destiny.

Neptune pushes you too often to camp on your positions. You have a hard time accepting the effort that requires a compromise, it could however quickly arrange everything. The fear of making a big sacrifice slows you down too much. Take the time to assess situations with more largesse and everything should become easier.sagittarius weekly horoscope 30th july to 5th august 2018

Your love life will be lived intensely this week. The stars will promote the expression of your partner, but also your responsiveness. As a result, you will feel almost obligated to listen more to your partner and ask for as much. If you are solo, the meetings are extremely positive.

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The astral influences of this week will push you to develop your sociability and your sense of concessions. Indeed the aspects of Mars to your Sun highlight differences between your points of view and those of some people in your professional circle. But to confront them in a direct way by seeking a point of agreement, follow this breadcrumb trail, it leads you to balance.

Money and Luck
Luck is with you this week in your financial life. You will have the opportunity to resolve administrative concerns that directly affect your finances. Even if it is not related to large sums, it will have a positive impact over time. Be careful, however, you tend to give credit to people too utopian in their financial plans, the luck factor is you.

The planetary aspects that govern your skies this week of July 30th will give you a lot of energy, especially when it comes to acting constructively. Your muscle tone, your basic spring benefits from the aspects of Jupiter and Mars, followed by the transit of Mercury that comes to boost your metabolism positively. The only point to watch for is your liver balance. Cleaning your liver will be necessary this week.