Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 3rd to 9th May 2021

Sagittarius (born between November 23 and December 21): On the 3rd, Monday, take your intuition in all your actions; since they will take you to the exact place and to the concrete action that you must carry out. Your great inner wisdom will guide you. On Tuesday the 4th, it is time to plan solidly and use your most precious resources, which you have yet to exploit. Buds of great new ideas will spring up inside you.

On Wednesday the 5th, avoid letting yourself be carried away by your thoughts, which sometimes drag you into an uncomfortable area that is difficult to get out of. That is why it is best to empty their minds and perform a good relaxation. Maybe just with breaths. Thursday 6th, today is a special day for you to deal with others in that friendly way that you always do. And if you have a partner, then better than better. And you can also start writing because you have a lot of hidden art.sagittarius weekly horoscope 3rd to 9th may 2021

Friday the 7th is an immense day in your evolution to expand experiences and evolve in the way you have been waiting for so much. Receive everything with pleasure and be amazed at how easy it is to be happy. On Saturday 8th, today you will notice that the doors are open to you and that a new cycle begins in your life. Your visionary way of philosophizing and thinking deeply helps you a lot. And you will feel so happy that your happiness will be contagious. And on Sunday the 9th, today is a day for you to enjoy yourself and dedicate yourself to activities that fill you and with which you enjoy.

The planetary aspects of this week of May 3rd are forcing you to go out of your way and question yourself. Thus, you devote more time to your relationship life and you should take a liking to it. Do not underestimate any romantic or family dialogue, it will be essential to leave nothing to chance to avoid misunderstandings!

There is so much going on in the logical sections of your chart that you will feel a little more grounded than usual, Sagittarius. That’s good because the full moon in Scorpio takes no prisoners when it comes to emotional waves. During the full moon on Thursday, you may want to take a nice walk, get away from all the emotional energy.

Sagittarius This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 3rd to 9th May 2021

This week you allow yourself to declare your romantic feelings to your partner or to the person you covet and it is a significant step forward! Indeed, too many silences, too many unsaid lately, too much useless modesty had weighed down the atmosphere and blocked a certain intimate relational fluidity. Finally, you show your other half your true face, will he appreciate it? We wish you!

Beware of the medium-term and work hard to consolidate your bases and ensure your back! Heaven does not make it easy for you, you certainly have to answer for your commitments to social partners and it is better to prepare your defense than to be blacklisted that your sensitivity would have a hard time supporting.

It is recommended that you be wary of any requests for help that may be addressed to you. You could take on heavy responsibilities if you don’t take the time to weigh all the consequences of an eventual agreement. Helping is good, but also know how to protect yourself when you need to!

Money and Luck
Anarchic management of your assets soon exposes you to repercussions that could be unpleasant. Do not blame your boss or your family, you are not a wise manager and you alone had the power over your money to make it grow or see it squandered. Be stable in terms of money and consistent in your spending, become more frugal without restricting yourself to your useful and legitimate spending. Sagittarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Exercising in moderation allows you to stay in shape, to which you add a balanced diet, small physical worries will disappear without any problem. This week you lack willpower, it works against you, with determination you avoid complications. Take the time to think about what can energize you. If you tend to go to bed late, remember the importance of sleep.

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