Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th October 2020

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 5th to 11th October 2020

Sagittarius (born between November 23 and December 21): On Monday 5th, you will be learning what life is and the great mysteries it hides. You have realized everything that you still have to enjoy and experience.

On Tuesday 6th, your talisman is such a simple and natural way to help others. You realize that you feel great joy when you do it. And that increases your goodness. On Wednesday the 7th, your imagination, and ideas are projected in a thousand different facets that you can take advantage of because they will tell you which direction to take or how to help others. It will serve you a lot in your life and your future.sagittarius weekly horoscope 5th to 11th october 2020

On Thursday 31, you want to see your creations flourish and also help others. You will do your bit to achieve the happiness of those people and your own for having achieved it. On Friday the 9th, luck will be with you and you will feel how your aura radiates light and happiness. That sensitivity will make them empathize with you and around you, they also feel great. Which will make you feel a lot of joy. On Saturday the 10th, you have to achieve order in your living space and your life. Mainly you will have to physically and mentally organize your home and the areas where you spend most of your time. So that there is a more consistent coexistence. And Sunday is a special occasion to enjoy life and your moments of fun and escape.

Sagittarius Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

After a pleasant period of exchanges and very stimulating emotional relationships, Venus transits your sun in a square, this week you risk offending your partner by one or the other ironic sting, but overall, you can withdraw from this transit of ‘excellent moments, very sensual and accomplices.

Your sentimental behavior is enriched by a natural tact. Your delicacy is appreciated, you arouse tenderness and you have continuity in the ideas to achieve your goals. You take advantage of all the opportunities that arise to live new experiences and satisfy your taste for freedom. It’s a good time to challenge yourself!

The laurels of victory should make you fulfilled and conciliating with all the actors in your professional life. Your reports are excellent, your colleagues, associates, or clients swear not to you, your success is also theirs, hence a very pleasant collective emulation. The pleasure multiplies if it is shared, do not forget to share with those around you, with all your natural generosity, your magnificent development!

It is a period of little fun but full of promise and therefore worth disciplining yourself a little. It will also be an excellent opportunity to take a poetic and refreshing break before setting off again on new adventures in a few weeks. Until then, control your emotions!

Money and Luck
The week is good for your activities. If you are running your own business, your sales keep increasing. Your money is being managed well enough, your accounts are in solid health, you can be proud of your journey. You could make a new juicy contract, you are grateful for the chance offered to you, financially everything is fine.

You have no trouble maintaining your balance and you might even enjoy such a form that playing a sport or a hobby becomes necessary to harness your boundless energy. Adopt irreproachable hygiene of life to channel these vital forces and distribute them judiciously in the service of your evolution.

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