Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 6th July to 12th July 2020

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 6th July to 12th July 2020

Venus enters your complementary sign and will blow up all the locks of your emotions but also financial life. Expect new meetings and savor the renewal of your current relationships. Trap or a good idea, romantic friendships are very possible and if you are in a relationship, it would still be good not to mortgage a lasting relationship for a whim.

You are free to express your visions and share them with your partner. You have a renewed interest in relationships and explore new avenues that open your field of consciousness. It is also a good time to meet new people and move on. You avoid spreading yourself and you get to the point.sagittarius weekly horoscope 6th to 12th july 2020

Happy arrangements allow you to refocus on the essentials and create a vacuum around you. You are not ready to party or to give generously of your affection and your time, you are too busy to give meaning to your life and to define your priorities. This somewhat festive climate is however very constructive.

Singles have every interest in remaining attentive and available: new meetings are a source of various opportunities, both sentimentally and financially. However, you will need all your intuition to sort through these novelties because an excess of dynamism can confuse the cards and lead you into chaotic relationships if you do not stay on course. Enjoy without suffering and everything will be fine!

Money and Luck
You have placed money, it brings you a little, if you expected a larger sum, it is that you may not have been well informed or that you still have to wait to get nice dividends. This week of July 6 there is no financial instability insight, on the contrary, your accounts remain stable. If you have a big project in mind, plan to save some more money.

Good form comes first of all through a complete overhaul of your way of managing daily life and the concerns that go with it. In an emergency, you need to find a way to fight nervousness, and then if you snack between meals, change your habits, make balanced and varied meals, because small cravings make you fat. To support you in these dietary changes, your entourage is united.

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