Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 7th August to 13th August 2017

Sagittarius Weekly Predictions Horoscope 7th August to 13th August 2017

After a somewhat constraining period, the entry of the sun into trine will release energies and titillate your creativity. Your friendly sphere is more present than ever and excellent moments are to be expected in good company. You are all likely to meet new people.

This is an extra step that will be taken this first week of August, in your personal vision of your intimate life. In spite of tense moments with your partner, you will learn the essential lessons, which will make you move forward in better conditions. Your clear and direct attitude will be the basis of the good health of your loves and encourages your partner to reveal themselves even more. The influxes of Venus give you a verbal ease, very useful and especially if you are single.sagittarius weekly horoscope 7th to 13th august 2017

You take a step back on your professional path to better analyze recent events this week. The chance will be particularly in the closure of files in progress, more than in the new initiatives or creations. You will have a strong instinct for stopping out-of-date methods and changing them for more performance and personal effectiveness.

You take a lot of pleasure in experiencing new experiences or discovering exciting new horizons. It is an excellent transit for exchanges and constructive ideas. Then you will only have the difficulty of choosing before so many promises.

You will have a deeper general view of your financial life, which will push you to be sparing in your expenses. Your need to see your wool stockings grow gives you more wisdom and reason in the face of spending temptations. Investments are favorable notably abroad, or if they are linked to trade with foreign countries.

You will channel your energy spontaneously into everything that is most useful to you, most essential, to materialize your ambitions. The only possible pitfall would be to do too much without delegating anything to anyone. The influx of Mercury and Mars will galvanize your energy. You will find the spirit of diving in your leisure without failing. Your mental acuity is at one of its best levels of the year.

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