Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from April 10th to April 16th 2017

Sagittarius Weekly Lucky Number, Color, Best day and compatibility April 10th to April 16th 2017

Color of the week: Red.
Numbers of Luck: 6, 12, 24, 26, 34, 42.
Best day of the week: Saturday.
Best Compatibility: Capricorn

The discord will be very present to tarnish Sagittarius couple life this week. There is a great power struggle between your partner and you, both want to be the bosses in the relationship, those who make all the decisions regarding the couple. The problem is that both you and the person you love have a very strong and authoritarian character. They both like to boss and neither likes to give in. However, if you want the relationship to continue, you should make a great effort to reach an agreement.

In the economic and financial field, the people of this sign will live a week in which they will become aware of the great mistakes they have made. You have always been very independent, you prefer to do everything by yourself and not ask favors to anyone. You know you need to modernize your venture and you do not have the resources to do it. In the past someone offered you a loan to help you progress, you rejected it and this week you realize that it was a serious mistake.

In the labor field the natives of this sign will live a very positive week. Not long ago you started a new job and at first you did not understand the directives of your superiors. Your bosses gave you contradictory indications, you did not know what indication to follow and why you were very distressed. However, this week you will begin to feel more comfortable and to understand more how your superiors work. Relax, the relief you expect will come in the next few days.

In the spiritual realm and personal growth will be a good week. During the next few days there will be a great planetary concentration that will give a great practicality to the people born under this zodiacal sign. You will find a way to transform your illusions into concrete realities.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope Work, Love, Health, Money from April 10th to April 16th 2017

Work: You can help colleagues to get out of trouble, decide to collaborate even to a person who is not to their liking. Look good around you, something is not working well and it is in your hands to solve it. Be good to yourself, rest, regale, joyful the lives of those around you being a more cheerful person, do not ignore those who love him, solve problems of own and others, and accumulate prosperity living in generosity. A friend needs your help, keep in mind that you should risk your reputation, or money, or friendships … to really help you. Your intense thirst for conquest may play a trick on you … think about what is most important.

Love: He will not abandon, as is his custom, love relationships, conquer the chosen one and form a lasting relationship. In the sexual, the already constituted couples enjoy a full sexuality and without any taboos. You need this help to get out of the circle where you are stuck. Use daily affirmations as a method of help, self-help, to solve and unlock, to feel better and achieve daily happiness and calm. Harmony in the couple is very necessary and eroticism will be very important during the last hours of the day. They will awaken, wherever they go, the attention of the opposite sex, and they will have an extra ability to connect emotionally with their loved ones.

Health: Plan an outing to the field, even at the Zoo … enjoy the green with your family or friends, relax to start a new work week, learning to balance will lead to monetary success. Beware of stress caused by overabundance of work or labor problems. Consult your doctor and, if you can, take a few days off with your loved ones. Memories of the past come to you. To take him to an introspective trip that can result in longing, to return to a place of the past can be very imperious. If the desire for change to improve is inside, remember that nothing comes alone, or that the Universe presents you with the necessary opportunities, but it is you who must learn to see them and take advantage of them in all their splendor.

Sagittarius Next Week Horoscope Predictions

This week Sagittarius, you must be very careful, and you will have to measure your words, since they could hurt someone very dear, create misunderstandings and conflicts around you.

You have to take a few days off, since you need to relax, and let out all the accumulated tension of the days gone by.

You start in a period of hard work, and where you are presented with new job expectations, but in order to make it fruitful, you need to be in a conciliatory attitude.

A great week for singles, since you are in an attitude of finding a mate, and having illusions that it will hold on and even make it part of your inner circle.

One of the ways you find calm, is to surround yourself with those who love you, work, studies and multiple responsibilities, have made you very withdrawn, and hardly wanting to get out of that environment, which so oppresses you. You are very responsible for your affairs, but you must loosen the rope, since the exhaustion is very great.

So it is important that you stop being stubborn, and listen to your own, let them organize outdoor activities and participate with them.

All your environment is moving, you are in a process of transformation, in which you must be attentive so that your energies are clear and activated, and thus to be successful and successful of all that is good.

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