Sagittarius weekly Horoscope From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Sagittarius Horoscope week From February 27 to March 5, 2017

Work: Business and work life can easily become unbalanced today, try to keep a low profile, to pass this moment of insecurity. With the couple try not to perpetuate reproaches nor to bring up a hot topic to the wheel of the discussions, is not a good day to negotiate or talk about more.

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Do not ignore the call of your heart, trust your instincts, each person has his own talents and skills that make him successful in achieving his true dreams, not in borrowed dreams, taxes or others. Do not miss this opportunity for growth. Share with your partner this moment and also enjoy your achievements. Beware of overly ambitious job proposals, analyze your options well.

Love: Possible breaks, do not be discouraged. It is necessary to introduce physical activity into your life, or increase it if you already do some activity. Moment of confusion and emotional stress There will be a turn in the way you have to conceive your relationships, no longer intellectualize your emotions and you can live in this way passionate and crazy moments. Create and pursue the love of your dreams … but you will create misunderstandings, so you have to start asking sincere apologies and get away from the pride in which you have risen. You will have a thousand resources to achieve a full love life in this period, use them wisely. Your seduction will be enhanced by your look and your actions, the beauty of the Sign will surface and this will become your strong point.

Health: A bad week with chances of getting depressed awaits you, the solution: an important introspection to get to see life as it is and get ahead with what you have, that surely is a lot and great value … know how to see it! Honest questions to recover the path of the soul and return to the Land of the Present, explore in our intimate child, and the possibility of achieving a happy future of our own, not borrowed or invented until we reach the consciousness of the true order of our pretensions in life . Ask yourself today: Is it the fear that stops my life?

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