Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope: March 9th to 15th, 2020

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope: March 9th to 15th, 2020

This week of March 9 allows you to dive into the action effectively. Mercury approaching your sign announces favorable circumstances which will encourage you to initiate great changes in your way of life, about your philosophy.

You will raise some doubts to better defend your interests or your ideas but also reframe things with those around you.sagittarius weekly horoscope: march 9th to 15th, 2020

If you actively participate in the heated debates that constantly arise, you risk becoming the victim of your good feelings. If your relationships are struggling, don’t try to be right at all costs. You would only stir up the embers and trigger the lightings of your partner who is waiting for you at the turn.

Heaven does not guarantee you any lasting success if you do what you want or if you persist in rushing your potential opponents. Let go of the ballast and take advantage of the benevolent protection of the stars to develop good strategies, convince those around you and ensure the stability of your long-term projects.

You feel a sense of duty grow and the word given, your motivation grows. Your relationships are on a renovating path, your desire to live in harmony with those around you is facilitated. The stars invite you to put your talents at the service of others which can create, if you channel your energies badly, outbursts of tyranny towards others who are likely to make you break the bonds which you hold dear.

Money and Luck
To improve your financial prospects, you are looking to make new contacts, this will be the case during the week. Influential people should cross your path. Be careful, don’t throw yourself at the first opportunity, give yourself time to reflect. Business is picking up, your money is growing, however, keep an eye out for it, don’t get carried away too quickly. It is an encouraging week ahead.

You may be having difficulty communicating this week. Your exchanges with those around you are rare or difficult and you sometimes have the impression of hitting a wall. To avoid nervous tension and low morale, agree to question yourself and above all play fair with everyone.

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