Samsung confirms that the Galaxy Note 7 blasts and battery issue

We all know what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, and after two recalls derived from explosions and the device market, Samsung has finally released the results of its investigation into the problems with Note 7.

As we were ahead of the leaks of Reuters and Wall Street Journal, the problem was in the batteries, in addition to a hurried manufacturing in the case of the first recall. As additional news, and not least, let you know that the Galaxy S8 will not be in the MWC of Barcelona.

blast galaxy note 7

Two batteries, two faults, one device Galaxy Note 7

Samsung has explained that the problem was present in both models of batteries that were used in the Galaxy Note 7. Without referring to the manufacturers of these batteries, which as we know come from Samsung SDI and Amperex Technology Ltd (ATL), the company only Referred to them as ‘Battery A’ and ‘Battery B’, and in both cases caused a short circuit.

In battery A the problem was a defect in the design in the upper right corner, which caused “deflections on the negative electrode” and a subsequent overheating. While in battery B, which we are told are those that were used in the replacement units after the first recall, a manufacturing problem was found leaving defects in the welding that caused the copper to melt and cause a short circuit.

This is ruled out a possible failure in hardware and software, as Samsung focuses the full weight of the crisis of Note 7 to the batteries. And from here we can conclude that in the case of battery A the problem was in the design, where it was tried to make it smaller but without sacrificing capacity, which resulted in components too small that ultimately affected the set of electrodes, causing Thus the short circuit.

But what we might consider the key of the debacle of the device is the battery B, which would have been the salvation for the first defective lot. The bad news is that these batteries were manufactured in a hasty way, thus causing a new failure completely different from the first one, since here the error was in the welding. These batteries were the last nail in the coffin of the Galaxy Note 7, and if it had not been for them, the device would remain in the market.

The investigation of Samsung

At the start of the conference, DJ Koh, head of Samsung’s mobile division, apologized to customers, suppliers, and operators for this ruling. He explained that the company had to create a special laboratory to test and discard all the components that are part of the phone, tested here under wireless and wired load via USB Type-C, as well as scanning irises, which were the Potential causes of failure.

In the end, it was concluded that the fault came exclusively from the batteries, and the investigation involved 700 workers, who tested 200,000 phones and 30,000 batteries, in addition to the collaboration of three external firms: UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland, where In all cases the same conclusion was reached.

The points for battery safety

Of course given the size of this crisis, Samsung seeks to regain credibility and demonstrate that they are committed to security, so the report is not only to explain the failure, but also to try to ensure that this will not happen again. Therefore they are publishing a new program of verification of points for batteries, a solution that according to the company will be sufficient to show this “commitment for security”.

As expected, Samsung mentioned that they acted quickly and effectively to this problem, giving a thorough explanation of what they did and how they did it, which if viewed cold, seemed more of a marketing message that sought to cleanse their image.

As we had seen a few days ago, Samsung mentions that 96% of about 3 million Galaxy Note 7 have been returned. However, no details were given about the economic losses or the actions they will take as a result of these investigations, where it is a fact that the company has suffered a heavy blow, a blow that will seek to recover this year and this is just the first He passed.

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