Scorpio Daily Astrological Reading Today Friday 20th October 2017

Scorpio Daily Astrological Reading Today Friday 20th October 2017

It is your Friday responsibility and to act with scorpionic decision at all times. The Moon is in transit to a sign of your element and that action is reflected positively in everything you are doing.

Take concrete resolutions and do not let others decide who you should walk with and who you should not. You know what to do and your Scorpion intuition will put you in the right place and the right moment to succeed. You will get very good news from that person who has been away or absent from you and who is now giving signs of wanting to return to your side.scorpio horoscope readings of 20th october 2017

Scorpio Love Horoscope Reading on 20th October 2017
You have the expeditious way to conquer the triumph although due to the retrograde action of Uranus and Neptune some things take more than others although in general there is success in your amorous plans. An unexpected situation becomes a source of joy for all and augurs a coming weekend full of happy joys and inspirations.

Scorpio Health Horoscope Reading on 20th October 2017
Your health is in that tone of strength that will allow you to recover lost ground. However, you tend to want to self-retract and that does not suit you as there are medicines that can interact with each other in a negative way and hurt you. Always consult your doctor.

Scorpio Work Horoscope Reading on 20th October 2017
Even if you do very well in your work do not trust and check well what you do because there is a tendency to neglect or want to finish everything quickly and that can lead to error or shoddy, something that would greatly hurt and has nothing to do with you .

Scorpio Money Horoscope Reading on 20th October 2017
You may be asked to borrow some money. eye! Do not become stingy or insensitive, but not naive or manipulative. If the one who asks you is slow, does not fulfill its obligations and in the past has deceived you do not fall back into the same trap. Watch what you are achieving with so much sacrifice.

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