Scorpio Daily Horoscope Saturday 12th August 2017

Scorpio Daily Predictions Horoscope Saturday 12th August 2017

With the movement of the Moon in transit and your regent retrograde concerns arise for matters that have been half-done or words that were not said at the time and you feel impelled to open your heart and reveal your most intimate feelings to that person.

Do not hesitate, follow your intuitions. This is a time of economic temptation and you could exceed your expenses. Keep strict control in your economy so you do not get into debt. Apply your sense of saving and you will see how the necessary money appears. Do not rely on chance to solve your economic problems. It is not the solution.scorpio today daily horoscope 12 august 2017

Enjoy your relationship and what life gives you and do not start to question whether it is worth it or not. Everything will fall by its own weight. The most important thing is that you are able to take advantage of the quality of the past time with that special person.

If you do not know with certainty the effects of a drug you will not use it without first having consulted with your doctor or a responsible pharmacist as applying something on your skin, apparently harmless, could cause damage. A good weekend is coming in terms of health.

Make proper adjustments and changes in your work schedule so that your new responsibilities do not interfere with your normal life and you can continue doing what you owe as much in your family as in other aspects of your daily regime, Scorpio.

Take the time to analyze your budget and eliminate all that damages you or is causing you extra expenses. You are in the period of economic growth, but also the readjustment to avoid wasting the resources that are coming to you these days of August.

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