Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today 2nd April 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today 2nd April 2018

There is a positive impact on your love life as well as social and work life, Scorpio. Your intimate questions will be strengthened to the extent that you, as well as your partner, increase their reciprocal trust.

Your sensitivity to the needs of others – what is known as empathy and is one of the qualities of your element, water – will allow you to understand things that until now have seemed confusing and not very serious.scorpio daily horoscope monday 2nd april 2018

If you are in charge of a commercial department or have an important job responsibility this stage will be very productive and prolific for you.

If you were waiting for some news about who is far away, your sentimental present lights up in a positive way.

The desired reunion today is much closer to you than in past months and with the intensity that characterizes you will recover what you once had and was lost by a bad interpretation.

There is nothing that prevents the realization of your goals because now, with the start of a new month you will have on your side the necessary will to achieve what you propose, either in terms of food or physical exercises. Apply it!

Are you looking for an additional ticket? Combine your time on Monday so that you can separate a couple of hours to check on the computer job offers and get an additional ticket without having to leave the house to find extra money. You will do it.

Money and Luck
Your intuitions are now taking place at the level of the astral plane and you may have telltale hunches that you must continue to play numbers in the lottery or make some kind of very well-favored investment that will give you money and prosperity.