Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 11th January 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 11th January 2019

Your confidence level is very high this Friday when there are important planets in your scorpion horoscope. Follow your deepest impulses and instincts in questions of love and do not be guided by appearances but rather by the dictates of your heart. A journey of reconciliation promises a lot and perhaps in a few days there will be a wedding.

You can share a very pleasant time with successful friends. You are very intuitive this day when the Moon transits through your water element sign. Act following your hunches and you will live happily. Venus inspires you and also, love favors you. This weekend you will live a great adventure.scorpio daily horoscope today friday 11th january 2019

Be careful and spare when speaking so as not to complicate a relationship with an unwelcome or badly-spoken phrase at this time. What you are saying could be misinterpreted and cause estrangement between you and your partner. Be prudent, do not let the negative impulses prevent you from enjoying your sentimental reality.

Your well-being depends a lot on the conditions that surround you. Embellish your life and your environment with plants, water fountains, flowers and simple ornaments. A harmonized house will help you a lot to maintain a healthy nervous system. Do not forget that when you live in harmony everything flows better for you.

Take advantage of an interesting offer that can place you in a better job position in the near future, Scorpio. A good run is coming and if you know how to get the most out of it, you will have stable work and the possibility of business trips.

Money and Luck
There are auspicious astral movements in your economic life that lead you to money through dreams and hunches. Your sign is now in its most intuitive phase because of the influence of the Moon, in addition to the planets Mars and Jupiter that are transiting your sign.

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