Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 12th April 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 12th April 2019

It is not the appropriate day to be clarifying doubtful issues with your partner because you are in the middle of a cycle of misunderstandings and many impulses that could spoil your emotional relationship. This is a Friday of unusual circumstances due to the many aspects presented by the planets in your horoscope. A sudden hunch, an inexplicable impulse arising from your inner being will place you in a very advantageous situation in which you can receive money associated with an important purchase or sale.

Wait a bit and you will make a profit. Before making a decision of a sentimental nature, how to start or end a relationship, think about it and grow well. Assume a more objective position before reality.scorpio daily horoscope today friday 12th april 2019

Due to the retrograde action of Jupiter in your scorpion sign you are approached by some people whose presence tends to disturb you. If you let yourself be carried away by those negative emotions you would be involved in conflictive situations that would spoil your happiness. Act serenely and everything will go better.

If you feel good about the current regime of life you are having, continue like this and do not be impressed by ghostly diets or by people who come to you with miraculous cures. Listen to the voice of your organism and follow your intuition.

You will be amazed at what you can achieve in your work if you arrive earlier. Those minutes of tranquility before the daily maelstrom will allow you to have a less complicated and more productive day at your job.

Money and Luck
If you have economic difficulties, it is time to start thinking about consolidating your debts, perhaps through a bank loan or a credit card that allows you to pay to a single financial institution.

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