Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th May 2019

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 17th May 2019

Address your dreams that this Friday with the planetarium that is happening tend to be very premonitory. You receive positive influences from buying and selling businesses abroad and also a touch of fortune and inspiration that could give you a pleasant surprise with the reception of unexpected money.

Watch your tongue that is very loose and could cause problems if you speak the first thing that occurs to you and you confuse the sincerity with the lack of sensitivity. Be careful with that, Scorpio.scorpio daily horoscope today friday 17th may 2019

People do not always understand when you speak to them and that is why it is necessary to emphasize what you want because if the other person’s attention is not one hundred percent with you, your words may not be well interpreted and cause sentimental distancing. Try to be very concrete.

Avoid tense situations and do not argue with people who are characterized by extreme positions, fanatical or stubborn because their attitude would get you out of control and cause discomfort and headaches.

It will present an opportunity that you should not despise because it implies a qualitative leap in your work position. Always remember that the golden rule is “not to expect things to go well to get excited, but to get excited from the beginning so that they go well”. When you apply it, you succeed.

Money and Luck
It will be hard for you to resist the temptation to go out and buy something this Friday so you know. If you go shopping adjust your budget and do not launch into a race for stores that end up recharging your credit cards and affecting your pocket.

By Mary Emma

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