Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 19th October 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 19th October 2018

Now that you have Jupiter in transit for your sign every day you are more successful in everything you intend to do, Scorpio. However, there are those who bother your triumphs and successes and this generates envy and difficult situations in your personal life. This you can avoid and counteract it well with an indifferent attitude.

During this stage that follows the new moon, your sixth sense is extremely acute. You will know really who is the person who really loves you, and who is pretending, everything is discovered. However, do not be too harsh when judging, remember that we all make mistakes. You have incredible creativity, so it’s painful for you to have to spend the day filling out forms and removing stacks of papers. Wow, that’s what awaits you today. Fortunately, in addition to your creative side, you also have a great commercial astuteness, which allows you to finish with the stacks of papers in record time. Reward yourself with a dinner in a good restaurant.

This astral period confirms that “in life there are no failures but experiences, some pleasant, others maybe not, but all lessons to learn” and during this planetary period you will see it in your love life. Today is a good day to examine your ambitions. It is essential that you consider what you really want from life to set goals and realize your dreams. Often, reaching them may require something as simple as making the right decision and taking the first step. For example, if you dream of finding the ideal partner and you are with someone who is not, the most practical decision would be to end that relationship. Fear, worry and lack of confidence do not allow you to get out of stasis.

There are planetary combinations that energize you and help you recover lost ground if you have increased a few pounds these days for neglecting your diet or lifestyle. At this point you will be tempted to express your personal beliefs. You will be in a social situation where people will give their opinions. Someone will say something negative, and they will believe that they have all the answers. If you have knowledge of the subject, perhaps you should intervene and add more information to the question. Today you will feel good if you clarify things.

Do not get impatient if you still do not get the news of an expected position since from now on the offers, proposals and announcements will rain. Your work life will be more and more solid as the start of your zodiac sign approaches in a few days. Today you will feel impatient to know if you are receiving much attention from others. You feel that you have done a very good job with a project and that you should receive more applause. Or maybe when they promoted someone, they ran over you and held a grudge. Try that negative feelings do not take hold of you, because soon they will begin to recognize you. It is still time to give. Tonight: make your beloved turn away for you.

Money and Luck
Good news, Scorpio, you can make much more money in extra time, from your home, in a relaxed and quiet environment. Do not get impatient, what you expect will come at the time. This will be a busy day for you, but it will be worth so much effort. Possibly you spend all day between paperwork and forms of all kinds. It’s not exactly your idea of fun, but it must be done. At the end of the day at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did what you should, and you did well. From an employer’s point of view, you are exceptional.

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