Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 20th November 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 20th November 2020

It’s time to step up a gear! Spread your wings and get your projects off the ground! These past three weeks have enabled you to trigger a mental mechanism that has helped you see clearly what you believe in and what you stand for. The phase that opens now strongly encourages you to move from theory to practice! Today is a very good day: take the opportunity to take action. Free Tarot de Marseille reading, take the test!

Today your intuition and natural sensitivity will stand out. You can read the thoughts and feelings of others and can interpret them correctly. Alas, you cannot use this ability that effectively on yourself. Some old songs resurfaced, which worries you a bit. These topics block you in some way. You won’t be able to move on with your life until you solve them once and for all. Perhaps a professional psychic could help you.scorpio daily horoscope 20th november 2020

Plan a romantic evening with your spouse! Do you want to dine in an elegant place? Order a good bottle, and enjoy it quietly! You will only talk better about your dreams and your common projects. Explain to her what you want from your relationship. If you want to engage more seriously with this man/woman, open your heart to him today. Now is the perfect time to listen and follow your passions!

Don’t be surprised if you get some extra money today. It can be a reward for a job well done or a gift from a family member. It may come in the form of a nice bonus or a hefty raise from next year. Your financial future looks very promising. Maybe it’s time to plan for that extra money, like a trip or an investment. You might want to go out and party tonight!

On this day, the arrival of Mercury opens a new cycle at the sentimental level for your sign, especially for natives of the second decan. Indeed, the latter also benefit from the influence of Venus. For singles, this will be a good time to meet new people. Conversely, people in a relationship may encounter some turbulence in their relationship and must be careful to show restraint in order not to aggravate a situation that could quickly degenerate.

You are in a romantic mood today. Close your eyes, and you might see yourself walking alongside a pretty girl or your favorite actress! Or you dream with open eyes imagining yourself having a charming discussion with a colleague who attracts you like a magnet. These thoughts might really start to distract you. Either take action or work hard! But you probably prefer your dreams to reality … A Scorpio is afraid of breaking his dreams.

Today you will be eager to move forward in an important area of your life. You will be somewhat impatient, and this may induce you to make a hasty decision. Make time to consider all angles of the situation before making any commitments. Although you will have great ideas, you may not get a glimpse of the whole picture. You will need more time to do your research before you can make an informed decision.

Money and Luck
What sad people tell you is suspect, don’t be fooled. Analyze the words before taking them at face value … Some today might try to abuse your kindness and try to lead you off. Slow down and take care of yourself first. People appreciate your availability, but you will find that unfortunately some are never satisfied. Scorpio Luck Today

There is no doubt, this has been going on for a long time. But today the change that you waited for so long is likely to happen. The enormity of the change won’t be obvious, at least at first. But after a while, you will look back at current events and see how important they were. Focus on yourself today, and take whatever fascinating opportunity comes along.

Nothing worse than to stay on the record of failure. You had all the qualities to apply for this vacant position. Life has decided otherwise. The fall was so brutal that no one could have expected it. After the time for questioning comes the stage of resignation and then of reconciliation. Initiated by the arrival of Jupiter in your sign, these steps push you to quickly find solutions. Believe us, the best antidote is you.

Family and Friends
You must not interfere in the lives of your older children. They know what they are doing and a little fall has never stopped anyone from getting up with dignity. You can guide them gently without making them feel like they are choosing for them. They also know that you will always be there when they need it. If you don’t have children or they are small, you can find your friends without fear. Relationships will be healthy and caring. Some giggles are even to be expected. That’s good news!

You will feel a deep need for a change in the way you look at certain problems in your everyday life. Open yourself wholeheartedly to these new ways of operating, and don’t hesitate to ask yourself the questions you usually hold back. From this deep questioning will emerge a regenerated vision of your own present life.

Aren’t you a little stressed out? Germs tend to choose you first, it seems …. So don’t skimp on vitamins, in juice or tablets, which will only strengthen your immune system and your well-being. Saturn is waiting for them around the corner and Neptune has binge eating in store for you. To limit them, even stop them, and savor every moment, give yourself breaks for softness and relaxation.

Today you will be tremendously intuitive. Sometimes you have hunches, but you don’t always pay attention to them. Try to harness this energy. You can have a first impression on someone that is purely instinctive. Trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to act on them! You could sense information that helps you in your business life.

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