Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 22nd January 2021

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 22nd January 2021

This Friday there are two important conjunctions of your ruler Pluto, one with Saturn and the other with the Moon, which accentuates your internal perception. Before going to a different job think twice about the step you are going to take. Make sure you are acting on a firm footing and not relying on fantasies or promises that are not serious. The intuition of your Scorpio sign should be your guide this Friday and you will discover many things that remained outside of your knowledge and that will give you money. You are anxious and can quickly embark on a romantic relationship with someone you don’t even know well.

Make an effort today to communicate your dreams to others. Your thoughtful will takes on a much more imaginative and creative aspect, one that instead of overriding you will encourage and support you. Prepare to be involved in the communication of others, which today may seem to reveal one thing but in reality, tomorrow may become quite another. Things may not be exactly what they seem. The words are surely quite misleading too.scorpio daily horoscope 22nd january 2021

Are you hesitating between a serene and stable love and a more rock and roll adventure than ever? Be aware that behind his dilettantes and playful attire, this last opportunity could well hide a real relationship. So you can afford to select one of the two. For natives in a relationship, comparing yourself to other lovers who are friends or acquaintances could well harm your harmony. Neither better nor worse than any other, your relationship is yours alone. Don’t let the eyes of others destroy you.

Don’t compromise before exploring your heart’s intentions. You have the intuition and the strength of your sixth sense on your part to discover signs of love in an unknown person who has approached you as a friend, but who is looking for a more intimate relationship. Analyze what can happen with this friendship.

There are no such things as dreaming too big or setting unattainable goals. Today could be one of those days when you find yourself wishing for something better for yourself or your family. Aspiring for the best does not necessarily mean that you are dissatisfied with what you already have or that you are greedy, so if you feel guilty about harboring those dreams, don’t do it. Rather, think about what the concrete steps might be to achieve them.

In the middle of everything, there is something good and it is the transit from Uranus to Taurus that is your opposite sign and strengthens you physically and mentally. Very good the planetary influence received in this important aspect of your life. Today you feel strong and energized.

If you have one or more pets at home, pay special attention to their hygiene today. Indeed, an unfavorable lunar aspect may be playing against you at this time. To stay safe from dog lice, or an infectious cat scratch, give your furry friend the best possible care. So you won’t have to worry when they are in a cuddly mood and climb onto your lap for a little taste bud session.

When was the last time you used a pen and paper? In this age of computers, the keyboard has replaced these wonderful tools. In the same way that walking provides more than just fresh air, the kinetic value of the rhythmic movement that occurs when writing with a pen is much more reassuring and even healing than you might imagine. The movement of the hand across the sheet will make you feel places inside you that you will not access by typing on a typewriter. Test it.

Your co-regent the planet Mars is in a square with Venus, the planet of love, a somewhat unstable aspect. The astral environment is not conducive to mixing love with jobs. If you are newly married or have recently started a love or work relationship, do not commit to a job that keeps you away from home at night.

Today you will do well. You will have renewed energy and greater perspectives for things – especially those that relate to work. Take advantage of this to finish projects that await you or clean and organizing your desk or closet. Trust that you will be able to handle almost any task very quickly and when everything you wanted to do is done, make some plans for a little recreation. You deserve it.

Money and Luck
Project yourself with a vision of the future, Scorpio. Do not skimp when it comes to buying your clothes if you must attend a meeting in a few days where your financial future can be decided. The investment that you now make in that sense will bear good results because your image will be very important during this astral period. It does not necessarily have to be expensive, but rather tasteful. Scorpio Luck Today

Today certain abilities that you didn’t know you had will suddenly appear. Maybe you are working behind the scenes on a new project, maybe it’s to earn extra money or raise funds for a good cause. Your extrasensory perception and your intuition are very high, so don’t be surprised if today more than ever you feel the hearts and thoughts of others. Also, your imagination and inspiration are high. Use them!

You might feel some tension emanating from your colleagues today. This comes from the nefarious influence of Jupiter which arrives in the 4th house and brings in its wake a climate conducive to jealousy. A misunderstanding following an event that took place a few days ago could be at the origin of this gloomy climate. Try to explain the situation calmly to make your point of view and to show understanding for the reluctance expressed by some.

Family and Friends
You appreciate the sweetness of life that reigns in your home. Whether it is with your siblings, your parents, your spouse, or your children, everyone communicates with kindness, and the moments of joy are king. You also participate in these good deeds because you delay your speeches. Your home is a haven of peace where you fully resource yourself. Your social life is also rich. You have friends who do you a lot of good and who advise you with great precision.

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