Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 2nd November 2018

A shocking Friday within your affective reality, Scorpio. The cosmic effect of this day affects your sentimental world and love acquires new faces and potentialities. Unexpected encounters! To achieve the necessary money now, you must move your influences, talk to powerful friends and turn to all those who are willing to help you.

With social tact, intelligence and your integrity of character you will achieve great results. The Moon in the fire element is on your side in the economic aspect and you can achieve a lot if you do not let others take the lead. Be very careful when discussing your personal matters. Problems with your desire for good neighborliness may arise. Your good will be very hard. Keep your cool. Avoid verbal discussions or verbal referrals as much as possible, as you risk getting carried away and making the situation worse; try to settle the disputes by exchange of letters, which should be very courteous.

A dream will make you remember a love of the past. Open yourself to life, and do not deny yourself the possibility of being happy and reliving a love again if what there was continues to gravitate in your subconscious. As a couple, you will be inclined to be too demanding and possessive. It will be necessary to become aware of it and take into account the desires and the personality of your spouse or partner if you want to continue to live in harmony with him. Singles, Saturn promises a beautiful love story to many of you. A story that may take some time to come to fruition but which will then have a chance to last. This prognosis is also valid for married natives who would be tempted by an adventure.

It’s a good time for your health. The present planetary transits favor the regenerative aspects and the wound healing. If you are operated, or plan to do so, you are in a favorable cycle to do so. The stars augur you the best. Jupiter in this beautiful position in your Heaven should help you find a much better tone. However, you will have to pay attention to Mars, which will incite you to do too much; station, therefore, overwork.

You feel full of vital energy and successfully tackle difficult jobs on this day. However, setbacks can arise in the middle of your workday and turn you somewhat discouraged in that aspect. Do not get down, everything will pass happily. This global climate will increase your ambition. But beware: this aspect of Jupiter may cause conflict or disappointment in your work. Keep calm especially. If you get angry, you will not control your actions or your words, and you will regret it very quickly.

Money and Luck
Do not embark on major purchases, but on the other hand investigate the market. Instead of executing you must plan everything carefully as what you now determine will be helpful in the near future and in a few days will give you cash. Venus being in a favorable light, everything should be fine financially. Beware, however: the goddess of love, beauty and harmony could push some of you to spend fortunes for aesthetic care, or hire a decorator to remake luxuriously the tapestries of the show.

By Mary Emma

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