Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 3rd November 2017

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 3rd November 2017

The combined influence of the Moon and your co-regent the planet Mars on this day is exceptional in your birthday cycle, Scorpio. The beginning of this week opens with a very positive phase in your love relationship, much more stable. If you do not have a partner you will not feel alone at any time and you will know what to do and how to do it.

Fortune can come unexpectedly in a contest, competition or raffle. If you are invited to attend a play accompanying some friends, follow your intuitive impulses and possibly have very pleasant surprises at random. An unexpected invitation can put you on a plane, so go prepare the conditions.scorpio horoscope of 3rd november 2017

Scorpio Love Horoscope today 3rd November 2017
There is love in your astrological horizon and you will realize how important you are to that person who is near you at this moment, but who had not expressed his feelings in an appropriate way. The emotional plane is united today with the effective one and helps you to consolidate relationships.

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Scorpio Health Horoscope today 3rd November 2017
If you are preparing for an operation or surgery these days you are in an ideal astral period. The scorpions that plan a delicate treatment will be in the best moment to achieve it. The cosmic elements are now in your favor, take advantage of them.

Scorpio Work Horoscope today 3rd November 2017
Do not be impatient for happily many things that were negative in your work sector begin to clarify. You will feel inclined to perform an activity that you had not done before.

Scorpio Money Horoscope today 3rd November 2017
Money and fortune are two words that will be present every day in your dictionary during this first half of November in which the letters will be reversed in your favor, and if you were having a bad economic time you will see how it is soon solved and you have your hands what you need.