Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th May 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 4th May 2018

Today occurs what can be described as a gift for you an announcement of good times. Also, in economic matters, you are seeing solutions to issues that were somewhat tangled. A warning, do not go to discuss with a friend about political or religious issues if you notice that these issues separate or distance them.

Unfortunately, in these times we are living, people tend to get very emotional about these issues and it would be sad to lose a good friendship for differences of this kind. Act with the common sense that characterizes your Scorpio sign.scorpio daily horoscope friday 4th may 2018

In recent days you have been somewhat restless, even suspecting that person was unfaithful, but now you understand that everything was in your imagination. There is nothing worse than letting negative thoughts flow out of control.

If you suffer from insomnia check your lifestyle. To resort constantly to sleeping pills is not healthy. Consult with your doctor, there are many ways to control the lack of sleep and it is not always through medications.

If you still do not have a job, do not be overwhelmed because this delay is convenient for you to get something better than what they were offering you. The work area is favored, but you must do your part to not complicate what does not suit you.

Money and Luck
During these next days, you will find yourself in the midst of a tone of dreams, clairvoyances and premonitions that you must attend because they will lead you to money. If you are invited to a contest or a competition, do not miss out!