Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 6th July 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 6th July 2018

Do not let anything or anyone for your joy. The problems will be resolved in your time, now do not occupy yourself more than being happy and living fully. Everything in its time.

The cosmic energies that at the moment surround your scorpion sign will help you to leave gracefully of certain embarrassing situations that could have arisen and in front of which you still did not find a solution, something that now is avoided and resolved in an expeditious and fast way.scorpio daily horoscope friday 6th july 2018

Do not confuse love with friendship because in doing so you might think that someone is sentimentally interested in you when the truth is something else. If you are guided by your intuition and not only by appearances, it will be much better.

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You may experience discomforts related to circulation, varicose veins and blood pressure. If you suffer from them you will already know how to treat them. If you have never suffered, consult your doctor, but do not worry because everything will happen.

A positive attitude is all you need to face an upcoming job interview and make a very good impression on your potential employers. Use this weekend and prepare yourself mentally for it.

Money and Luck
Your Scorpio sign is stirred with the influence of the Moon that will propel you to explore new economic ways to invest your money. However, it is not prudent to start very ambitious businesses at this time. Wait a bit.