Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 7th December 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 7th December 2018

With the energy that comes from the planetary transit that is happening this Friday you are entering your stage of reconciliation, arrangements and life in common. What once seemed impossible or distant materializes.

The affective plane in your scorpion sign is very well supported, which will help you move forward with a relationship that was somewhat cold. The economy tends to prosper. The dynamic influences in your astral environment will help you eliminate from your life the people who impede your economic development.scorpio daily horoscope today friday 7th december 2018

Remember that now you have the great planet Jupiter direct in your sign. This astral position is great for the lovers who have had annoyances, separations or lawsuits because this is your Friday of the loving arrangement. Your affective life is composed in a good way so do not attract anything negative to your present today. It’s time to “let go and let go.”

Fortunately you are vibrating in a good planetary tone during these final days of the year 2018. There are no problems in the astral environment, so it is best to keep the pace you have and if you have had recent health difficulties, an operation, illness or similar condition Now you are in a good moment of rise.

You will feel calm to have in your hands that job or position that you thought you were going to lose or was in danger. Remember that due to Mercury retrograde delays arise, but also arrangements and the secret is to balance and always find the right way of things.

Money and Luck
Family businesses are well supported, but do not forget to put things in place because if you mix too much your economy with sentimental issues could lose all. Draw a clear dividing line between love and money, everything in its place.

By Mary Emma

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