Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Friday 9th August 2019

Now with your ruler Pluto retrograde in conjunction with Saturn in a sign of the earth element related to yours, you are about to enter a love triangle. Someone whose specialty is trying to conquer committed people is spinning around you and you must be very careful because you could get into a big mess if you have a stable partner.

Fortunately, you will know how to face that situation and get out of it thanks to your extraordinary intuition. There are great opportunities for you related to websites, buying and selling businesses and also in love.

In love matters, life begins to smile for you, but you must act in a more spontaneous way and not look so much at the little things but contemplate the whole because other times, due to your way of being that sometimes has been very possessive or jealous, You have lost opportunities.

You get toned and regular ailments are relieved in the feet and ankles. That is why I again instruct you to check your shoes and always guide you through health before buying shoes. Comfort, and not fashion, should always be your priority, Scorpio if you can combine both, better, but if not possible, then opt for health.

There is extra money in an out of time job that can help you improve your working conditions. Do not be impatient if you do not have the desired job right now because things will start to turn positively for you very soon.

Money and Luck
Keep your purse closed to the requests of those who dedicate themselves to importing others asking for money they do not pay. If once you were generous and now they request your financial help again, it requires guarantees and does not let yourself be manipulated again.


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