Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th November 2018

As for love, congratulations! The sad moments will be behind. Some family matters will require your presence or attention, so be careful. If you act in a hurry to resolve sensitive issues could complicate situations. You have to admit that family life will not be part of your priorities right now. If you are a father (or mother) of a family, you will assume your parental responsibilities, but you will not spend all your time there. And as your children will be in shape, it will not matter.

You will be very successful in an interview. Be confident, you have a good astral position in your favor in this stage of birthday, Scorpio. The uranian influx will organize around the natives concerned an atmosphere of tension, of complications, of dramatization, which will require a lot of vigilance and prudence in the engagements, because of an excessive tendency to the anger and to the unfortunate words. Take for your motto this old Japanese proverb: “What you mean, say it tomorrow”.

We are under the effects of a planetary trigon. It is the ideal day for reconciliation because the atmosphere around you is positive. If you recently discussed with your partner, there were problems or lawsuits in your relationship or something similar, today you can breathe easy because everything is solved. The day looks positive on the heart. Pampered by Jupiter, you should have no trouble meeting new people, whether you’re married or not. For those living in pairs, the challenge will be rather not to embark on an adventure if it will break their relationship. For singles, Jupiter will be totally supportive. You will even meet this time the person with whom you want to do or rebuild your life.

Do not ignore the claims of your body. If a cough persists, if a hoarseness seems endless it is time to consult a good specialist and stop treating you with light medicines bought in a pharmacy. Hear the voice of your organism. Another day that is good enough for your health, especially if you make the most of the positive aspects of the sun. Your vitality will reach its peak. Continue to adopt a toning diet. Alternate fish, meat, liver, poultry, limiting the quantities to about 120 g per day, and avoiding eating these foods at dinner.

The opportunity has come to test your knowledge, skills and talent in a new task which demands responsibility and experience. Do not be afraid to assume that position because fortunately you will be able to develop it with great efficiency. Professional worries will darken your horizon; jealousies between colleagues will come to light. Fortunately, you will be able to trust your intuitions, which will help you discover the flaws and avoid pitfalls. On the other hand, internship projects can be considered with the greatest interest.

Money and Luck
Do not enter any race to see who wins more because in that effort the competition would be detrimental to you. Do your work, meet your goals, focus your energy and effort on your own and soon the money will reach your hands. The money sector of your theme will not this time be influenced by any star, which should have the effect of ensuring a good financial balance. You will be effective. You will improve your budget balance by showing you anticipating and organized, and also through the support of luck.

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