Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th October 2020

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 12th October 2020

There is a square of your ruler Pluto with the Sun, that is, an aspect of 90 degrees, unstable, at this beginning of the week. If you have a problem with a friend or your partner, try to solve it personally, privately, without involving third parties in that particular situation. You will do better this way. You conquer with your gaze and if you propose to reach heaven in love, you will achieve it. However, you will need the determination to face a change in your work and above all to deal with colleagues who are very conflictive and are always looking for disputes and disagreements. Ignore them, do your thing and you will succeed.

If at present you are not in the best economic situation, do not despair. Your Scorpio sign is well sponsored and fortune is coming your way. You can make changes to your home. Maybe it’s time to get rid of some old furniture. Or you should paint the walls in a fresh, vibrant color. If you’ve been living in clutter, start putting away folders and papers. Take some boxes to a warehouse. Donate the old clothes to charity. Create more beauty and harmony in the house.scorpio daily horoscope 12th october 2020

Are you in an emotional dilemma? It is a time of reflection, of listening to the opinion of people who love you and who have gone through difficult situations similar to yours in their love experience. Don’t be blind to their advice. Calmly analyze the situation that is surrounding you this day. The presence of the sympathetic planet Venus should, a priori, protect your life as a couple. But in this area as in others, you will tend to spread yourself all over the place, which may not please your spouse or partner. Single, the stars will be in your camp, and nothing can tarnish your luck in love. There will possibly be a few missed appointments, a few games of hiding and seek, but it will be more a matter of good-quality marauding. And you will know how to make up for a lost time.

One or more members of your family may be away, and your home will seem empty and depressing. This is a good day to go out and shop or have fun, except you won’t have much energy. Read an exciting book or watch an entertaining movie to keep your mind off absences. You miss them while they’re away, but they’ll come back. Hold on a bit!

Stop constantly wanting to fight your spouse’s faults, it will get you nowhere and only upset you a little more! You could also show yourself a few blunders today, without importance of course, but which could seriously annoy your spouse. So turn your tongue well before yelling and avoid hasty words. Single, you will have to accept that you don’t find the perfect person the first time.

You hear certain news that could disturb you and affect your nervous or digestive system. Don’t worry, many times things are not as we imagine them and if you stay in a realistic position it will be better for you and everyone. Today you will feel that communication is the only thing that saves the day. If people don’t know what you think or feel, you won’t be able to relate to them properly. Take the first step when it’s time to start a long-overdue conversation. Perhaps you have been avoiding discussing a certain matter with someone to avoid conflict; the time has come to talk about it.

If your gut is the type to make you miserable, you will feel a very pleasant feeling of well-being. You will also resist daily aggressions much better thanks to the influence of the planet Mercury. You have something to look forward to for the whole day. Take the opportunity to be pampered and cuddled, enjoy a good meal, and ensure a peaceful night by drinking a rooibos infusion. Venus will advise you to think about preserving your vital energy. If you tend to live several lives at once and work too much, don’t forget to rest, relax and, if possible, take a breath in the fresh air. You should also know that conferences, exhibitions, new meetings will not only be a source of exciting discoveries but also excellent means of recovery.

Someone who appreciates you very much offers you an exceptional opportunity to work alongside them. However, employment may involve schedule and lifestyle changes. Weigh everything very well on the scale before deciding to take what they have proposed to you. It is not a question of acting foolishly, but with pause and meditation. Luck this time will be in the colors of the arts and science: university professors, art amateurs or critics, museum curators, researchers, and scientists will be favored. And those who have a connection with the law, whether they are in proceedings or vice versa, magistrates or lawyers, will also have their share of the delicious planetary cake. Neutral climate for other natives.

It is difficult to deny the power of a chemical reaction towards another person. You will probably meet someone today, or perhaps you already met someone who has a strong influence on you. You can’t stop thinking about this person. It’s unclear if this is a one-night stand or a long-term romance. Whatever it is, you are delighted to feel so excited and alive.

Money and Luck
Do not worry if economic management that seemed about to be resolved suffers a delay and the result is prolonged. If something does not happen when we want, we are almost always faced with a warning to review the path taken and the direction you should take this month of Scorpio’s birthday. Unstable day and above all not very favorable to major investments. Do not rely on the improvement that seems to be showing; it will be ephemeral. Don’t go into big business. Scorpio Luck Today

You will have to give up control of a powerful personality today. Even though you are very capable of handling the current situation, this person will insist on taking charge. You better adopt a humble attitude and step aside. You may not get credit for your ideas today, but you will get the glory another day.

Today you will feel in vain. A win at a game or an unexpected cash flow could occur. Try your luck, the heavens are with you thanks to the benevolence of Venus who settles in the house III. You will benefit from this beneficial astral climate throughout the day and will feel fully recognized by those around you. You could try negotiating a raise and asserting your ambitions in a project that is close to your heart.

Family and Friends
This day promises to be serene in the family domain. To fully enjoy this peaceful and calming climate, why not take a family outing different from the ones you are used to? Embarking your tribe on an adventure will also allow you to address important topics that are close to your heart such as a move or a construction project.

Slight disagreement with your spouse might shake that peace a little, but it won’t be too bad. Superb agreement with your loved ones. You will go out of your way to please them and to prevent all their desires. But it will take great effort to maintain this idyllic climate. If you are thinking of moving, you may well discover this time the house or the apartment of your dreams, thanks to this aspect of Mercury.

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