Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 16th July 2018

Scorpio Daily Horoscope Today Monday 16th July 2018

It is interesting to see that in the blink of an eye it can change your life. What you suspected least happened. Your sentimental reality is flooded with optimism and with this strength on your part you will not hesitate before loving declarations and you will feel inspired to express what you feel.

It’s funny, but in a routine route, maybe to your work, to the supermarket, to a doctor’s office or a public event your gaze meets that of another person and at that moment the “crush” arises. Everything can happen in these last days of the month of July.scorpio daily horoscope monday 16th july 2018

In these moments a window opens to a new relationship. What you considered difficult or complicated is facilitated and soon you have in your hands the heart of who was eluding you.

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If you have considered the possibility of entering a hospital to practice some type of surgery or if you are thinking about liposuction, plastic surgery or a similar treatment you should check very well the credentials of your surgeons.

Everything flows around you and the direct cosmic influence that surrounds you from your co-regent, Mars, which neutralizes the retrograde action of the planetoid Pluto, positively transforms your work reality. You feel calm and happy in your job and if you were worried about a work issue you will recover the lost balance very soon.

Money and Luck
The so-called “investment stage” is approaching, and it is time to be alert in everything. Very good options will be presented within your economy and you should take full advantage of them, Scorpio.